Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i have a strange obsession with this big headed cat, lol. i love hello kitty with a passion. i have necklaces, shirts, haha even a hello kitty electric toothbrush (2 actually). but i would have to say that my favorite hello kitty item has to be my hello kitty necklace from toys r us :)

i reeeeeeaaaaaaaaally wanted it, but decided not to buy it. i thought about it for like 2 weeks and finally caved into buying it, but then jon tells me he already ordered it for me :D !! it seriously was one of those things that really made me love him that much more. i mean i could love a guy who would buy me a million dollar necklace, but who cant love a guy who buys you a $12 necklace. haha i mean.. look at him, who couldnt love that dirty lil boy? hello kitty has been a strange puzzle piece in our relationship. i remember the first day we actually hung out he convinced me to buy a hello kitty sweater from Macys. lol i guess hello kitty was playing cupid that day :)

so if you love hello kitty definitely check out Simply Nee's blog for her Hello Kitty giveaway!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, that's such a CUTE picture!