Saturday, September 26, 2009


THANK YOU to everyone and how well you have accepted my pregnancy. lol i havent experienced any negativity from anyone in my family, or my boyfriends family and i am truly thankful for that. i know in my situation a lot of people do get quite a bit of negative judgment placed upon them... i mean im not married, and definitely not "prepared" for this baby. but i do know that i will be a wonderful and loving mother and my boyfriend will be a loving and supportive father and partner. everyone is very excited for this baby, it'll be our first and the first grand-baby in both of our families!
thank you all so much! anyways... onto the actual post! :)

before our vacation my boyfriend and i went to the Anchorage museum to see the Gold Exhibition. if this is coming into your town i definitely recommend that you go see it, i mean.. its not the biggest exhibition in the world, but it was definitely nice. its actually one of the 10 most popular traveling museum exhibitions in the world.

haha i guess i dont know museum etiquette, cause we were totally taking HELLA pictures until one of the museum employees told us we couldnt take pictures. lol but i wanted to share!

it was a room covered entirely of 24 karat gold leaf. like if i was super duper raping the banks rich, i would totally cover the walls in my closet in gold leaf. hahaha it would be luxurious and wonderful!

& they had beautiful jewelry there. totally old, and soooo amazing. i wanted to break the plexi-glass and just take off with all this deliciousness.

muahahha you can see my purse in the reflection!

there were also a bunch of gold bars, gold coins.. and Emmy.. lol lotsa random stuff. but the gold was amazing. i looooooooooooooooooove gold!

haha he looks slightly asleep in this picture, but if anyone ever has the chance to go to the Anchorage Museum i would definitely recommend going! the new addition is beautiful. they've spent about $108 million dollars on the new side of the museum and its gooooorgeous. i would love to throw a party there, or even have my wedding reception there. the space is really beautiful and you can definitely dress it up.

then we went to the alaska side of the museum (the old, non-updated side) and i thought i would share some pictures. lol

this is a moose my friends. they're huge, they're like everywhere in anchorage in the winter time. sooo cute, but they're very dangerous.

giiiiiiiiiant cabbage! lol we see these all the time at the state fair. this year i saw a freaking 120 pound watermelon!

its an eagle! i've seen one in person.. like alive.. and its seriously the size of like a 5 year old. they're really big! you dont see these in the anchorage area, but go like 30 minutes outta anchorage and they're all over the place. keep your toy dogs inside!!

its a musk ox! they're totally ugly and totally stinky. lol :)

bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my boyfriend is totally scared of them. haha we went to the saturday market (a type of farmers market) right after the museum.. and they had this displayed.

then it rained on us, so we had to run back to the car.. we got soaked :)
it was fun. i was hoping that this summer i would get more scenic pictures of things to do and places to go in alaska. unfortunately i wasnt about to, im really hoping i get to do some more stuff before it starts to snow. theres already termination dust (snow) on the mountain and its devastating!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

awww. you and your boo are so cute together! And wow. the exhibit is so nice! I love gold too =D

WIFEY INE. said...

hey girl, i'll def have to check all that stuff out when we visit anchorage NEXT summer. i just moved to AK, fairbanks area from las vegas so i'm not used to driving in snow. looking forward to more pics from here.

Caramel Diva said...

I love the museum!

Vanilla said...

i can see ur burberrry
awww looks really fun,i never been to ANY cool museum

Tiffany said...

I am so happy for you and your baby. I hope everything is going well. I wanted to thank you for the contest prizes you sent me! I forgot to thank you when I got them but I've been super swamped.

I hope that everything is going great! I'm glad you had fun at the museum & at disney land!

Krystia said...

You guys look ridiculously cute and happy together . . . jealous! lol Be well Ketmany!