Wednesday, September 30, 2009


this week has totally sucked balls, i was feeling extremely fatigued and sore on sunday. i went to costco and could barely walk around, then monday came around and a horrible pain in the right side of my back started. i seriously was about to die, so we went to the ER and spent the whole night there cause i have a kidney infection.. freaking gay! but baby is totally fine, he was just chillin' the entire time i was dying from pain. lol

buuuuut in more exciting news, so we went to the doctors to find out the sex of the baby, ohhh how exciting. my mom really hasnt showed much excitement during this whole process, but i cant really blame her.. shes like a typical asian parent...fairly emotionless (lol so true, so very true). but im like BURSTING with excitement!!

so i am officially annoucing that February 21, 2010 we will be expecting a baby BOY!

i love how its labeled "boy parts" haha.

we didnt get any good pictures of him, he was being soooo uncooperative! with his head down and legs all crossed.. it took forever just to figure out he had a little wiener, but we are so excited!

the boyfriend and i also celebrated our 1 year anniversary together :) it was nice, but no pictures cause the kidney infection didnt really make it that enjoyable, lol. plus, i look all jacked up and such.. so i'll spare you guys the horror. lol

Monday, September 28, 2009


ugg boots

i got an e-mail from Sarah at Whooga boots to enter their monthly giveaway for Whooga boots. so i thought i would share the love, i mean.. yall know i love free stuff ;)

i am always cautious when i get emails, especially from anyone i dont know personally or via blogger, but i did my google research & they checked out.. and the giveaway doesn't require anyone to submit any personal/private information, so i say go for it!

Whooga boots will be perrrfect for this upcoming winter, yall know i love my uggs<3, and believe me winter is closer than we all think. i was already planning on stocking up on boots for the winter, alaska is so cruel to my baby toes lol. but getting some free ones would really help the baby budget! so yall know the drill, enter & good luck!

*crossing my fingers to win*

whooga boots giveaway


yall know, free stuff is always good stuff :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


THANK YOU to everyone and how well you have accepted my pregnancy. lol i havent experienced any negativity from anyone in my family, or my boyfriends family and i am truly thankful for that. i know in my situation a lot of people do get quite a bit of negative judgment placed upon them... i mean im not married, and definitely not "prepared" for this baby. but i do know that i will be a wonderful and loving mother and my boyfriend will be a loving and supportive father and partner. everyone is very excited for this baby, it'll be our first and the first grand-baby in both of our families!
thank you all so much! anyways... onto the actual post! :)

before our vacation my boyfriend and i went to the Anchorage museum to see the Gold Exhibition. if this is coming into your town i definitely recommend that you go see it, i mean.. its not the biggest exhibition in the world, but it was definitely nice. its actually one of the 10 most popular traveling museum exhibitions in the world.

haha i guess i dont know museum etiquette, cause we were totally taking HELLA pictures until one of the museum employees told us we couldnt take pictures. lol but i wanted to share!

it was a room covered entirely of 24 karat gold leaf. like if i was super duper raping the banks rich, i would totally cover the walls in my closet in gold leaf. hahaha it would be luxurious and wonderful!

& they had beautiful jewelry there. totally old, and soooo amazing. i wanted to break the plexi-glass and just take off with all this deliciousness.

muahahha you can see my purse in the reflection!

there were also a bunch of gold bars, gold coins.. and Emmy.. lol lotsa random stuff. but the gold was amazing. i looooooooooooooooooove gold!

haha he looks slightly asleep in this picture, but if anyone ever has the chance to go to the Anchorage Museum i would definitely recommend going! the new addition is beautiful. they've spent about $108 million dollars on the new side of the museum and its gooooorgeous. i would love to throw a party there, or even have my wedding reception there. the space is really beautiful and you can definitely dress it up.

then we went to the alaska side of the museum (the old, non-updated side) and i thought i would share some pictures. lol

this is a moose my friends. they're huge, they're like everywhere in anchorage in the winter time. sooo cute, but they're very dangerous.

giiiiiiiiiant cabbage! lol we see these all the time at the state fair. this year i saw a freaking 120 pound watermelon!

its an eagle! i've seen one in person.. like alive.. and its seriously the size of like a 5 year old. they're really big! you dont see these in the anchorage area, but go like 30 minutes outta anchorage and they're all over the place. keep your toy dogs inside!!

its a musk ox! they're totally ugly and totally stinky. lol :)

bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my boyfriend is totally scared of them. haha we went to the saturday market (a type of farmers market) right after the museum.. and they had this displayed.

then it rained on us, so we had to run back to the car.. we got soaked :)
it was fun. i was hoping that this summer i would get more scenic pictures of things to do and places to go in alaska. unfortunately i wasnt about to, im really hoping i get to do some more stuff before it starts to snow. theres already termination dust (snow) on the mountain and its devastating!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


i went in for an ultra sound appointment this morning. i checked in at 8:00am and seriously sat around for like and 1 1/2 hours before my doctor even saw me. fucking 9:30am rolls around and finally my doctor appears.. haha goodness gracious! not to mention they stuck me in a room where it was hella cold, and apparently they were training someone.. cause my doctor had this other chick do the ultra sound.. and he kept giving her pointers and shit. haha it was the worse ultrasound EVER. baby decided to be all stubborn and not show itself to us. poor thing must've been cold, it was all curled up into a ball.. lol we didnt get to see a damned thing, only the top of its head.

my doctors are still confused about when my due date will actually be. based off of my last menstrual period the due date should be February 14, 2010 (valentines day, supppppper cute!). i got an ultra sound when i was 8weeks pregnant and they estimated it at February 24, 2010. but, at todays ultra sound they estimated it at February 20th or 21st 2010. lol, i really love how completely unsure they are of everything. im really considering switching to another doctor.... but, either way this baby is coming in february :)


so im sure you are all wondering how my vacation went!?

well i was extremely morning sick the entire time, so i cant say it was super duper great, but i did have a good time. it was a lot more chill than i had anticipated, but seriously... i wouldnt have had it any other way. it involved a lot of eating, lol and HELLA driving. i didnt get as many pictures as i would have liked. i definitely didnt buy as much as i would have liked, but overall it was GOOD :) here are some pictures, enjoy loves!

disneyland. this is where i experienced my first sun burn (EVER!) and it was horrible :( and cause i was pregnant i couldnt ride on any of the rides... which sucked, but i dont really like rides anyways.. theyre scarey! lol but it was ridiculously hot that day (100 degrees!).. + my morning sickness. needless to say i wanted to die by the time it was over.

the only ride i rode was the buzzlightyear one, lol it was fun :)

seriously this thing was soo cute, i wanted one. but i couldnt stomach the $16.00 for it. shit at disneyland is soooooo over priced! haha.. i took my memories home instead :)

then we hopped over to california adventure.. and the misery continued. lol

what i wore:
  • shorts from Pacsun
  • tank from Target
  • sandals from Target
  • purse from Coach gracias to my mother-in-law. i <3>
i was also in Oakland, where i saw this.. and it seriously had me dying for days. why was it so funny? i dont know.. but it tickled me very much

&& we were in san diego. we shopped a whole lot & the went to the beach.

haha and yes my boyfriend is supppper tatted up, i think he has like 5 tattoes and counting. & if anyone was wondering.. that is my name on his chest :) i've claimed my territory!

&&&& thank you Linda for the award!
(i couldnt get the picture to work for some reason! )

Rules of acceptance:
1) Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
2) Nominate 7 other blogs.
3) Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.

my 7 personality traits:

1. i talk a lot of shit
haha not necessarily in the "hater" status kind of way, although that does occur from time to time, but i think every girl likes to gossip, or has an opinion on something.. and my shit talking is never to be malicious or to slander someone. i just have a fucking opinion about EVERYTHING and i like to talk it out. ohhhh, and dont any of you dare to judge me, cause i know yall do it too!! haha

2. im super emotional
i cry a lot, and this pregnancy has made it worse! but really though, im not a cry baby... but there are certain people who know exactly how to push my buttons and the tears just start flowing. lol

3. i dont trust people, period.
i dont have trust issues, but you have to really build a relationship for me to trust you. this applies for everyone. im really cautious of who i let into my inner circle, or who i even associate with. im a fairly private person. i like to keep my business to me, and i like people who keep their business to themselves. i've been burned plenty of times, so i know who and what to look out for.

4. im all about me.
in all seriousness, at the end of the day no one will love me more, or love me better than i love myself. im a very self-less person and my family definitely comes first, but when it comes to a boyfriend or even to friends, i know whos the most important. like dont get me wrong, i have friends that i would give my life for, but i know better than to start giving my heart out without thinking about it first. at the end of the day when i have no one else, i still have my fucking dignity, and i would never give that up for anyone.

5. im HELLA mean
hahaha i really am though, like everyones first impressions of me are "you look like a bitch" or "you seem hella stuck up" and in reality.. im not really different from those first impressions. hahaha like i am a nice person, and i am very friendly, but im not the sugar coating type. it is, what it is with me. we're all adults here, and im not going to treat you like a child. i dont even treat children like all sugar coated and delicate.... cause the world just isnt like that. i have a cruel sense of humor and i lack the ability to not hurt peoples feelings.. haha

6. i love & i love hard
once i give my heart out, and whether its to a boyfriend or a friend, they're gonna have it forever... or atleast until they do me HELLLLLLLLLLA dirty. but im extremely forgiving, especially to those who are really near and dear to my heart. i would give up the world and all of my possessions to help someone i loved out.

7. im a mother fucking princess, and NO ONE can tell me other wise!
haha its sooo true. im a brat and i like to get my way. if i cant get my way, then well.. no one will! lol this only applies to my family. i've been very fortunate to have really loving parents, and they love me in all the wrong ways. hahah they've turned me into this needy and demanding terror, & they loooooooove me :)

i do plan on doing some FOTDS, or something soon.. im recovering from break outs. this pregnancy caused my face to develop the most disgusting pimples.. ommmmmmmg i wanted to kill myself, but its finally clearing up.
for the past month i actually havent been wearing any makeup.. i dont think i have ever gone this long without it, haha its really sad. but my face is looking much better now.. so i will definitely catch up on my posting. <3!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


hola lovers! i am so sorry that i have left my blog so neglected for so long. im really ashamed! but a lot has happened in the past couple of months, i know i need to fill yall in. so lets get started....

pregnancy calendar

yes, im pregnant!
im sure many of you dont know this, but when i started my blog originally at the beginning of the year it wasnt anything makeup or beauty related. it was a blog dedicated to my pregnancy (at the time). i guess it wasn't meant to be, and i ended up having a miscarriage a couple months later and this blog really just let me vent, but also served as a heart breaking reminder of what i had just lost. i was going to delete it and be rid of it all together. the emotions associated with my miscarriage were really too much to bear for me, and some how blogging about anything other than a baby, or the lack of, was really helpful. so i kept the blog around and continued to blog... which im very happy i did.

so the main reason for disappearing was because this pregnancy has been really up & down for me. first of all the morning sickness was KILLING me, seriously 2 months of it! OMG!! and i was morning sick during my vacation, thats why i didnt blog at all during that period either. im finally getting my energy back and being motivated to blog again :)

so heres the update:
  1. i am currently 18 weeks pregnant (right around 4 1/2 months)
  2. no, i dont know if im having a boy or a girl yet. i find out soon though!
  3. i will be blogging lots about this baby.. so be prepared to be bombarded by baby posts!

but i have been keeping up with everyones blogs. i've been secretly lurking. sorry to everyone who has been asking me why i havent blog and my lack of communication has been just plain rude!! please forgive me and lets rekindle our blog-love :)