Wednesday, September 23, 2009


hola lovers! i am so sorry that i have left my blog so neglected for so long. im really ashamed! but a lot has happened in the past couple of months, i know i need to fill yall in. so lets get started....

pregnancy calendar

yes, im pregnant!
im sure many of you dont know this, but when i started my blog originally at the beginning of the year it wasnt anything makeup or beauty related. it was a blog dedicated to my pregnancy (at the time). i guess it wasn't meant to be, and i ended up having a miscarriage a couple months later and this blog really just let me vent, but also served as a heart breaking reminder of what i had just lost. i was going to delete it and be rid of it all together. the emotions associated with my miscarriage were really too much to bear for me, and some how blogging about anything other than a baby, or the lack of, was really helpful. so i kept the blog around and continued to blog... which im very happy i did.

so the main reason for disappearing was because this pregnancy has been really up & down for me. first of all the morning sickness was KILLING me, seriously 2 months of it! OMG!! and i was morning sick during my vacation, thats why i didnt blog at all during that period either. im finally getting my energy back and being motivated to blog again :)

so heres the update:
  1. i am currently 18 weeks pregnant (right around 4 1/2 months)
  2. no, i dont know if im having a boy or a girl yet. i find out soon though!
  3. i will be blogging lots about this baby.. so be prepared to be bombarded by baby posts!

but i have been keeping up with everyones blogs. i've been secretly lurking. sorry to everyone who has been asking me why i havent blog and my lack of communication has been just plain rude!! please forgive me and lets rekindle our blog-love :)


Rai said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

yay!!! you're back!! =D I'm glad you're pregnant =] Congrats!! I can't wait till there's more baby posts. hehe. I love baby posts!

Sarah said...

OMG girl i'm so excited for you!!! this post honestly made me smile :) i'm so happy for you and hope everything goes well! can't wait for more baby posts :) xox

YingX said...

welcome back. and congrats!!!!!!!! i was wondering what happened to you after coming to california. i'm so excited for you!

Krystia said...

Oh wow, that's shockingly great news, Ketmany!*_*! I'm truly floored, of all the reasons for you being MIA, I did not expect pregnancy!
So happy to hear that you're feeling better now, congratulations to you and your bf. You two always looked and seemed incredibly bonded and close to me, so I know that you're both super excited! I'll be praying for everyone's health and well being, kay!

Mel said...


WIFEY INE. said...

Wow, congrats! Can't wait to here what gender your having. Good luck and I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. :) Take it easy!

Edna said...

Congrats Ketmany!! :)