Monday, March 30, 2009



went to eat korean food, i think baby was craving it lol he must have my baby in him :) but it was sooo yummy as always. service always sucks, cause their koreans lol but it was good cant hate on that. then baby,me& my sister went to watch "the haunting in connecticut". for a pg13 movie, that shit was scarey lol. baby was hella freaking out, hella hugging me and jumpy; it was quite hilarious! he would grip my hand hella hard and then be mad at me cause his hand hurt, lol hes too cute. what a loser! my sister got pretty freaked out too, she couldnt sleep and shit hahaha. sorry asses, i will never watch another scarey movie with them.


baby went to work and i was fucking trapped with my parents all day. lol they crack me up, but they're pretty annoying, took me on a fucking laos tour and shit. ugh i hate lao people... but they bought me hella snacks. yummmy :)

mommy & i went on a little house hunting mission. i saw the cutest house on price street & i want it bad lol while we were out fucking ash started falling! got all in my eye and my mouth, so digusting. i wanted to run to the store to pick up masks, but decided to go home instead. spent the rest of the weekend inside, literally. from saturday night to monday morning i never left the house. exciting, i know

omg and i cleaned our room. holy shit its amazing. haha i can actually see the floor and the corners, its a beautiful thang.


happy 6 month anniversary baby! haha we both hella forgot, were laying in bed last night around 1am and he pops up like... oh it was our anniversary! haha he was tryna front like he knew all along and was waiting for me to remember, haha so gay. we literally spent the whole day doing nothing, we took a little nap together and then he played games all day. lol hes so romantic, i know. dont be jealous :D

we watched marley&me last night. super cute movie, definitely something you can cuddle up to. it made me hella sad though, with the whole miscarriage thing in the movie, it really hit home for me and brought back all kinds of feelings and shit i wasnt tryna think about. since it happened i've just been pushing it to the back of my head trying not to think about it and it all came crashing down on me. i just laid in bed and cried in babys arms<3>

baby works all day so imma be bored tonight. i guess i'll be productive and do some laundry. currently at work and bored. talking to baby on aim and snacking on my special k fruits&yogurt cereal. yesssss i eat cereal dry, im lactose intolerant. i dont fuck with milk. ommmmg its so fucking good & its super healthy.

Friday, March 27, 2009


it snowed again this morning, it was pretty snow too. the light, fluffy, makes you wanna make a snow ball kind of snow. it would have been nice if it were earlier in winter, but it is fucking March ok, i want the snow to be over with. it needs to hurry up and melt away so i can wear sandals and so my car can be clean and stay clean. goodness! look at my foot prints in the snow, how cute is that. but then there my disgustingly dirty car haha damnit. anyways...

fuck the world and their lies. hella told me ash wasnt expecting to fall onto anchorage. south side of anchorage is experiencing trace amounts of ash, so i guess i need to stop by wal-mart and pick up masks for the family. im going to look so sexy in my ash mask. lol i shall post pictures after i buy them tonight.

in better news, baby bought me a cute ass hello kitty necklace. i got the package yesterday & i love it. my boyfriends the best, fuck the rest :) now im just waiting for the second one to get here, but we ordered it on ebay and its shipping from hong kong. its going to take forever to get here <3

Thursday, March 26, 2009


With the two most recent eruptions of Mt. Redoubt ash has fallen onto Homer and expected to be in the atmosphere over Anchorage. although according to ash wont touch down on Anchorage, but i would suggest to buy masks anyways. with the ash hoovering over the city theres still a possibility small amounts of ash can touch ground, so you can still breathe it in. get a mask to be safe.

for anyone traveling in and out of anchorage tonight, sucks to be you. alaska airlines has cancelled all flights in and out of the city until further notice. fedex, era aviations and other services have also cancelled flights in and out of the city.

if the ash does fall onto anchorage life will go on as normal. they arent expecting the amount of ash fall to cancel school or work. so stop crossing your fingers for an extra day off. you're biggest concern may be a light film on your car, but nothing else. there is still no need to freak out. no one needs to stock up on water and batteries. while a mask isnt necessary im just recommending it as a safety precaution.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


its not that i dont believe in planning things out, but honestly i have lost faith in it. or atleast, i had lost faith in it. timmy used to always get my hopes up for shit: "imma take you to the Bay this weekend" or "lets go for dinner & a movie" like the simplest shit would fall through just cause he never cared enough. he was such a douchebag.

but ever since jon has been in my life he hasnt let me down yet. any time he says we'll go somewhere we always do, or we'll do something we always do. hes consistent and i love it. i was so used to getting let down that i didnt expect anything different from him, but hes always been so good at proving me wrong. im such a lucky girl.

anyways.. im trying to plan a trip for us. either for our 1 year anniversary or maybe for next spring. it depends on how things work out financially, but i know this is definitely something that will happen. the details are still in the works, researching destinations and activities, tryna figure out how much everything will cost and how long it will take us to save. but im excited, i cant wait. i want us to experience everything together, it'll help us grow and bond more as a couple.

this is where i want to go. Bangkok, Thailand <3
i thought about japan and going to tokyo. i knew we would have fun there, but neither of us speak japanese.. so it may be more hassle than leisure. so i thought maybe thailand, i speak thai so it wouldnt be so hard to navigate our way around the country, plus theres so much to do. definitely want to hang around bangkok then go to phuket then chiang mai and everything else inbetween. everythings cheap there and we'd have a great time. i also considered going somewhere in the US or atleast closer to home, Canada or Mexico, but i dont know. thailand is just calling to me... we shall see.

Monday, March 23, 2009


AHHHHHHHHHHH! we are so going to die, well according to mei atleast. haha mt. redoubt erupted last night 3/22/2009 at 10:38pm and has erupted 5 times since then. luckily the winds are carrying the ash away from anchorage, so there isnt any ash expected to fall onto anchorage. but i bet all the white people here are freeaking out, running to walmart and costco buying up all kinds of supplies and shit. calm the fuck down people! lol fucking retards. everyone was expecting to miss work & school, but sadly we all have to continue our lives like normal. gay.

but for anyone north of anchorage: talkeetna, willow and surrounding areas of denali national park, please stay safe. stay indoors and keep your pets indoors. no need to stock up on supplies or freak out, only a light amount of ash is expected to fall... all the heavier stuff has already falled down the side of the volcano. be smart people!

yesterday was a fun day for us :) we went out to dinner with one of my oldest friends kristina and it was nice. we ate pizza at nino's, lol jon ordering a pizza is hilarious. him and his ridiculous $31 pizza and we only ate 2 slices. haha it was yummy though, too bad our waitress was a completely ridiculous idiot. it was nice to catch up and hang out again. i hate it when you lose touch with people you were once so close with. kristina and i have been friends since the 6th grade, thats like 10 years now!
we also watched know1ng. i liked it, it was a little ridiculous but enjoyable. it was really sad too. i know it has some really mixed reviews, but its one of those movies you just have to see for yourself. haha i love the scene where the people were going hella crazy and taking hella shit from the gas station. i totally imagined that happening here when i heard mt. redoubt has erupted. lol

Friday, March 20, 2009


i dyed my hair for the first time in november '08 and i liked it. i had always had this fear of dying my hair, i swore i never would. then jon convinced me to do it lol, the things you do for love. goodness. i had thought about going back to my lovely natural black hair, but jon seemed to cringe at the idea. so i shall dye it again & now that im not pregnant i dont have to wait a whole lifetime until i can do it. i may even do it myself... yes i think i will try and do it myself. i mean, whats the worse that can happen? ok...a lot actually, but lets not freak ourselves out.

so, i have done the "research" (googled everything :D ) and i dont think its a good idea to do my hair myself. haha just because my hair is so dark, the store brand dye will never show up. even when i got my hair done at the salon in november it took HELLA long for the color to get as nice as it did. lol, bit definitely going back to the red. i thought about blonde, but it would just make me look like some import model wanna-be. ehhh whatever.


i know my birthday is almost a whole life time away, august just seems so out of reach right now, but its one thing to look forward to and it makes me happy to think about it.

though my plans are not really to get completely shit faced, as many would assume. i just want it to be fun & special. i dont think i've ever had a "good" birthday. most birthdays are spent in tears or spent disappointed. last year was good, but it left me with a very disappointing outcome. my life has changed so much in the past year and i want this year to be good, like really fucking good! originally i had planned to go to NYC with my fam bamz <3 i love my brothers & i always have a good time with them, but now that everyones coming to alaska in may i dont think everyone can afford to do another big trip in august. f the world! but yit-ze & i have our hearts set on going to NYC. i've wanted this for 2 years now, i've been really looking forward to this and i will be devastated if it doesnt happen.

if all else fails i know i can always find something 'round my way to entertain myself for my birthday, but it will have to be something super fucking spectacular. besides 80% of my friends in anchorage arent even 21 yet, lmfao. including my lover, damned these babies! we will see what happens, *crossing my fingers* im hoping for the best!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


its been a hard week for me, well for us. i catch myself crying, randomly. especially when im alone. i dont know how to deal with this, and i keep thinking that i wont ever cope with it. he keeps telling me that its "normal". i know what the statistics say, 1 in every 5 pregnant women suffer from a miscarriage, and sadly im that unlucky one. im angry, upset, frustrated, hurt and most of all disappointed. i dont want to throw myself a pity party, but it really is unfair. its not fucking fair at all. plenty of people get pregnant and choose not to have their child, or dont want their child; how is it that i wanted this so bad. i was so happy and so excited for this.. and it was all stolen from me. i hate this, its just a sickening feeling.