Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 wasnt the best year for me, it really had its ups and its downs. but my only new years resolution for 2009 was to be cancer free and thank goodness that worked out for me :) i also wanted to be debt free, but... i sort of fell extremely short of that achievement. lol i suck, ugh!

every year my new years resolutions are generally the same. lol i dont expect much, but then again i never really stick to them either. haha i suck at new years resolutions to be honest. 2010 WILL be a different kind of year for me! i put this on everything, if 2011 rolls around and i havent completed my resolutions, then i will slap myself in the face. REALLY hard, haha. this upcoming year i am determined to accomplish the resolutions that i set. *thumbs up!*

My 2010 New Years Resolution:

1. Be Debt Free by 2011! - i need to get serious about this, debt is like the plague it spreads and infects everyone. especially with a baby on the way, i dont want to bring my son into the world knowing that i will have to pay bills before i can buy him something nice. i refuse to not be the best mother to my son, financially speaking, cause i know im gonna be a great mom!

2. Get back on track with school! - haha i am the biggest slacker when it comes to school. take a semester off here, drop a class there.. i mean i have my goals and i am determined to finish school but there was never a deadline for me. i have always let other things get in the way and school was always the first thing to be put on the back burners for me if anything ever came up in life, so 2010 will be the year that i go full time, for every semester! except spring 2010 semester cause im giving birth. haha see im already doing it.. semi-failure! haha but Summer 2010 i will be all over this resolution!

3. Get my body back! - pregnancy hasnt changed much, and while i am still pregnant i really dread what my body will look like after the baby. so im determined to get fit and be healthy in 2010. that means a better diet, hitting the gym and drinking more water! haha these are all really simple things to do, but honestly.. im the laziest person alive. i work out maybe like once a year, haha so yeah.. thats definitely gotta change. the healthier i try to be today, the healthier i will be tomorrow!

the best way to keep myself on track is to document my resolutions every step of the way. this way i can determine if im really on track, haha or if im simply full of shit :D so expect lotsa post & help me stay on track!

so whats your new years resolution and how do you plan to achieve it? help a homie out, advice is always welcomed!

goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


i dont really do much for christmas, so the most exciting thing for christmas eve was getting off work early... and having christmas day off. lol, yes my life is that exciting. i have already opened my presents, cause im a brat.. so nothing left to do but sleep in and eat ice cream. yay! also to enjoy a soda! my boyfriend has been limiting my love for caffine & carbonation since i have been pregnant, its been pure misery. lol

anyways.. everyone knows that pregnancy changes your body. at the end of the day its a really beautiful experience. haha but on a day to day basis; the weight gain, breaking out, mood swings and morning sickness is really a pain in the ass. not to mention the back pain, swelling and pure misery you experience daily is really just crap. undesirable crap! haha i know many women who tell me they loved being pregnant, they loved the baby bump and feeling the baby kick. as for myself, while i love the fact that i am pregnant, i would rather fast forward through the actuality of being pregnant. haha im horrible, i know. but, its really hard work. the experience is different for everyone, i know, but dude... i feel like i have a 20 lbs watermelon strapped to my tummy!

i thought i should document the change that has occurred in myself through out this pregnancy, to give you ladies a better idea of what to expect when you're pregnant.... lol

this was me pre-pregnancy:

height: 5'2"
weight: 95 pounds
bra size: 32A
pant size: 23 (00, xs)

&watch the growing begin....

19 weeks (almost 5 months)

22 weeks (5 1/2 months)

25 weeks ( 6 months, 1 week)

this is me at 30 weeks (7 1/2 months):

height: 5'2"
weight: 120 pounds
bra size: 32D
pant size: 25/26 (3, sm)

there hasnt been a huge change haha who am i kidding? hahaha ok there has, but change is good. i havent really been doing much to mainntain my weight or my figure.. lol im honestly too lazy to work out. but i have been monitoring what i eat and try to stay away from snacks and fatty foods. its seriously easier to keep the weight off now than to have to try and work it off after the pregnancy.

but the best thing about my pregnancy so far has been my boobs. hahaha yes seriously i went from an A to a D. you can only imagine my facial expression when i went to try on bras and found out i was a D. theyre the boobs i have always wanted to buy and i love them. i will be sad when they're gone after im done breast feeding though, but seriously.. im enjoying them while they are here :)

my best advice for any mommy to be is to be educated. i did a lot of reading and really kept my health and the health of my baby in mind during this pregnancy. being informed is the best thing you can do when having or trying to have a baby :)

omgggg, the grossest thing about this pregnancy so far, is that my belly button is starting to pop out. look at it! hahahaha

im covering up the hole for my navel piercing. why? because it looks yucky. haha i waited too long to take it out... and it stretched a bit and the skin scarred a bit and its dark now.. needless to say, im doing yall a favor. lol :)

hope you enjoyed my little beach ball :)

merry christmas & goodnight loves

Saturday, December 19, 2009


im so inlove, that words cannot express the joy i feel. so i shall share them with pictures! woot woot :D!!!!

came home from work and found this HUGE box waiting for me :)

i open the box to find this.... *begins to drool*

and the undressing begins.... *inserts porno music*

i am so in love

the changing pad, how cute!

this bag was seriously worth ever stinking penny! this was my christmas gift and well deserved may i add. you can find this via the Burberry website, if anyone was interested. i looked at a lot of different diaper bags and this was the best buy overall. its huge! the only down side is that it is a canvas bag, so maintaining it will be a challenge, but who cares i love it :D

another new addition to my life is this beauty..... my temporary Tacori. i say "temporary" because its not real diamonds. lol this is from the Tacori Epiphany line that Tacori designs for QVC. i randomly found it online and fell inlove with it. its fake (diamoniques), but sparkles likes the real thing. i will get my actual Tacori one day, but until then, i love this ring to death!

its so official :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


this is seriously the most precious thing i have ever seen or experienced.

Jachin Ryan Sourivong-Rodriguez
Due February 21, 2010

Thursday, December 17, 2009


haha yeah i know i fell off the face of the earth round 2, but seriously.. when you're super pregnant you just get lazy. although, i do read blogs and keep up with everyone i have just been super lazy to do a post. i had a bunch of stuff in my drafts, but never actually finished anything. lol, story of my life!

but atleast i have exciting things to share, well... i hope they're as exciting to you as they have been for me :) but i will share those post by post starting tomorrow.

i am now 30 weeks & 4 days pregnant. im so close to the finish line!! haha another two months, but seriously its going by faster and faster. im so done with being pregnant. yay!

i got into a car accident in november which caused an abruption in my placenta. basically its when the placenta separates from the uterine wall and causes bleeding into the placenta. its totally dangerous. i was on 24 hour observation and in the hospital for 2 days.. super scarey. they told me i almost couldve had to deliver my baby at 25 weeks, which is SUPER DUPER early. it was a really stressful day. luckily, everything healed up well and baby is doing just fine now

i started a new job at the end of october and im much happier now. not to mention i get 6 weeks paid maternity leave, which im really looking forward to. i've been working none stop and its gonna be nice to have time to spend with my son.

we chose a name for our son! he will be Jachin Ryan Sourivong-Rodriguez. i will do a further explanation of the name, how and why we chose it, and all that good stuff in my next post a few days from now.

but thats all for tonight, i have a huge post planned for tomorrow. i have to run to the store to buy juice, we have our appointment for our 4D ultrasound tomorrow! im so excited.

goodnight loves