Tuesday, June 30, 2009


ahhhhh i had a failed ass attempt at making a video for my winners announcement. umm if i can ever get it posted then i will show you guys. im working on it now

but here are the winners:

1. Tiffany http://heygorge0us.blogspot.com/

2. Robyn http://www.fashionista514.com/

3. Alesha http://billionairebarbie.blogspot.com/

soo ladies please email me you mailing address before Friday. i will chose another winner if i dont get your email!!!

email me at ketmanyblogs@hotmail.com

congrats to the winners and again thank you so much to everyone who entered!

also if anyone has any tips on how to make the file size of my video smaller i would really appreciate it. i dont have windows movie maker, so keep that in mind. but any other program i download i would love that. so i can get this video posted! goodness.

Monday, June 29, 2009






& i've reached 100 followers! wooohooo!

so i wrote everyones names on pieces of paper, folded them up and put them in a fish bowl. i let my sister draw the first 2 names and i would draw the last name myself. she drew 2 names & im very excited they won!! then i drew the last one, but some how i ended up with 2 pieces of paper. they had wedged themselves together! and i totally didnt know what to do... i feel like its totally destiny for me to have picked those 2 names like that. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

like do i choose between the 2? but that wouldnt be fair to either person.
do i put the names back and draw again? but i didnt think that was fair either cause i already technically drew their names.

i dont know what to do. should i have 3 winners like i previously agreed upon? or 4? is it fair? ahhhhhh i'll let you know what i decide tomorrow in my next post!

*lets the anticipation sink in*

Sunday, June 28, 2009


so like i said before i am going to So Cal for a few days in august and i need your help again.
lol i know im so needy, im sorry.

but i want to hit up and do some cool stuff so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! im going to be in the anaheim-LA area & the san diego area August 3-5. i really want to know good places to shop. omg and i want to go to some asian beauty stores, so if you know any defintely let me know!

i will also be in the Nor Cal area (Sacramento & the Bay to be exact) for the rest of the time i am in California. so any suggestiong on places to shop and things to do is gladly welcomed.

also.. i know im a total stranger and i could potentially be a serial killer... but does anyone wanna meet up for lunch, dinner or a shopping date? lol i know i really put your hearts at ease when i mentioned that i may be a potential serial killer, but you know that crosses everyones minds when you meet someone online. you dont wanna end up as "that girl" on the news. lol

so heres my schedule if anyone would even consider meeting me and my potential serial killer self:

july 31 - i arrive in SF heading to sacramento probably gonna spend the day with the bf's family

august 1- should be in the bay area. santa cruz & gilroy area shopping and beach laziness with my bf.

august 2- bay area round 2. shopping in vacaville, shopping in the City (san fransisco if ya didnt know lol)

august 3- anaheim-LA, disneyland. soooo exciting.

august 4 - san diego! i love this city

august 5 - sacramento area. no plans

august 6- its my mother f'en 21st birthday bitches. celebrating in sacramento. come join if u'd like :)

august 7- sacramento area, no plans

august 8 - bay area (oakland, the City) with my brothers. yay for family day!

august 9- in the City & then i fly back to alaska. poooooey!

dude if you guys have any suggestions just throw them out there. i will drive anywhere to get some good deals or just to check out something cool. i wanna jam pack my vacation with fun. so im down for whatever.

oh & lovers, the giveaway ends tomorrow. i will close the contest tomorrow after work. imma get home, and validate everyones enteries and draw the names. i may even make a video.. haha but we'll see how all that goes. so tomorrow at 7pm alaska time (thats 8PM pacific time & 11PM eastern time).

i finally got my boxes from USPS and i will mail out the the packages as soon as i get the winners confirmed addresses. im hoping everything is mailed out by this saturday. remember theres 3 prizes, so 3 winners. if a winner doesnt email me with their address then i will give your prize to someone else. YAY for my first giveaway.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


im going on vacation in august for my birthday, YAY :)

we're planning on hitting So Cal for 2-3 days but i need some good hotel recommendations!

we want to go to disneyland, because i've never been there. has anyone stayed in a good hotel near disneyland!?

i also need a hotel in san diego.


thank you!

Friday, June 26, 2009


i need a mini stress reliever from work. i saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun :)

1. Things you cannot leave the house without:
  • my purse, because my entire life is in there.
  • keys.. its so obvious why lol
  • soft lips or any chapstick
  • my cell phone
2. Favourite brand of Make Up:
haha anyone who read my blog would know the answer to this one. i love love love Chanel. MAC is always a favorite for shadows though, Chanel has wonderful shadows but they dont offer a wide selection of colors.

3. Favourite flower:
i love lilies. like the big white easter lilies.

4. Favourite clothing store:
im a sucker for abercrombie. i dont shop there as much, but any time i walk into the store its hard to leave with a bag in my hand. i was obsessed with them in high school. their clothes fit soo well! nordstroms is always a good place to pick up my favorites like true religion, sevens, juicy couture. & i really love outlets. the off 5th saks 5th avenue outlet is one of my favorites! bebe & the bebe outlet are on the top of my lists too. and of course forever21, you cant beat their prices.

5. Favourite perfume:
muhaha i think Rai is totally disgusted that i dont wear perfume. i really havent found one that i like enough to wear all day. i mean they smell nice and whatever, but i have a really sensitive nose to that kind of stuff. i gag whenever someone walks by me if theyre perfume is too sweet or too strong.

when i used to work at victoria secrets and they would put me in the beauty department i would literally have to fight myself to not vomit or faint. all those really strong scents just give me a headache and make my tummy turn.

6. Heels or Flats:
Heels! if i had to choose between the two, but i do live my entire summer in flats or sandals

7. Do you make good grades:
of course im asian! haha i used to always get shit like that in school. "you're asian you have to be smart" but i do always get good grades.

8. Favourite colours:
it really depends on my mood. i go through phases. last year was a purple phase. this year has been a black phase. everything i've bought has been black. lol

9. Do you drink energy drinks:
no. not on a regular occasion, they're often too tart for my taste. but red bull & Yager is the shiiiitttt

10. Do you drink juice:
haha if the apple juice is like ice cold then yes! i try to drink as much juice as i can. i looove snapple. seriously the best stuff on earth.

11. Do you like swimming:
muhaha if i knew how im sure i would love it. but since i dont i cant say. i do like being near the pool though

12. Do you eat fries with a fork:
no. im really not that proper. haha im so unmannered. i love to eat fries with ketchup and ranch. and i often lick my fingers when i eat fries, gross? maybe to you, but its so delicious. haha ommg & i love seasoned fries, not regular ones. dennys fries are the shiiiiiiit

13. Favourite moisturiser:
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Keihls, Chanel. i have a very long list. but these are my top 3

14. Do you want to get married later on in life:
i think its nice to wait to get married, you know to be sure hes the "one". but when i was younger i knew i would be married young.. like 18 - 21. haha and im almost 21 and still not "officially" married. i wouldnt mind getting married now, like i know its good to wait for you both to finish school and get careers, but my love wont change whether i have a degree and a corner office ya know. im the type of person who would get married on a weekend in vegas just cause it felt right. im a hopeless romantic and i would do anything for love, waiting to me is just irrelevant. lol

15. Do you get mad easily:
haha yes im a complete bitch. im super irratiable, im not like rude yell in your face out in public type, but i am the ohhh you just wait till i get you alone imma rip you a new one type. lol i rarely get mad at strangers regardless of what they do, i really can keep my composure. i can take everything with a smile and totally not give a shit 5 minutes later. yeah im that crazy lol. i dont stay mad long though, but once you are on my bad side its IMPOSSIBLE to get in good. i will cut you outta my life forever, seriously.

16. Are you into ghost hunting:
omg i was just thinking about this last night. like what if i was a ghost hunter.. i can start a ghost hunting/make up service. you know like i can go to your house looking for ghosts and give you tips on how to conture your cheek bones.

haha wtf kind of question is this!?

17. Any phobias -
i have this serious fear of being alone. haha it sounds silly but its so true. like when i used to sleep alone i would have to have someone on the phone with me or i wouldnt sleep at all. i used to never eat alone, i would rather starve than have to sit there by myself. i would never go to the grocery store alone, i used to drag my brother friends with me everywhere. i mean its not a whole thing with me not being independent, im very independent. but its a total physical thing. i just refuse to go anywhere or do anything alone, it freaks me out.

ommmmmmg and i have a fear of heights. i hate hate hate roller coaster rides, or anything associated with amusement parks. those things freak the shit out of me! and everyone i know loves them. they hella force me on atleast 1 ride every time we go to six flags and afterwards im like hyper ventilating, i cant stand, i feel all sick. it seriously scares the shit outta me.

18. Do you bite your nails:
no. lol thats gross. i like to tap my teeth with my nails though, its weird. people always think im biting my nails, but im really not.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:
plently. i've nearly drowned 3 times. when i was like 5 i went under and didnt come back up. my dad had to go into the water to get me and i was passed out for a pretty long time. my mom swore i died, lol.

and i dont know if its a near death experience but my whole cervical cancer ordeal was really life changing for me. i was told in october that i had cervical cancer and it seriously killed me. i thought i would never be able to have kids and i really didnt know what to do, but when all my tests came back normal 6 months later i was seriously relieved.

20. Do you drink coffee -
no, i dont like to drink coffee. but i love coffee flavored everything! coffee ice cream, coffee hard candies.. i like the smell of coffee, but i do like iced coffee.

& dont forget the giveaway ends on Monday, June 30, 2009!
if you entered please make sure your name is on the list! if its not let me know before i draw the winners :)


im sorry i havent been posting anything interesting lately. i've been really busy with work and i havent been in my regular office, everything work related is just all over the place. ugh gayness

i've also been super tired lately. like i have really serious PMDD and i take YAZ birthcontrol to help control it, but this month has been really bad. im normally tired and fatigued but lately its been the worse. i get home from work and i take a "nap" but end up sleeping throughout the night and waking up the next morning. im usually really irratiable and a huge bitch, but this month i've turned completely psyco. it ridiculous, i feel so bad for my boyfriend. hes such a victim of my love lol.

but i thought this would be fun. here are my top 10 things i cannot live without. in terms of beauty & fashion.


i have a serious addiction to their products. i think i can live without every other beauty product but not my chanel foundation :) its sooo yummy. i think if i had to i would sell blood to be able to afford this habit. haaha i sound like a crack head.

i have lots of heels and 90% of the are black. im boring i know, but they're so sexy and they can go with any outfit, seriously. here are my favorite pairs:


Michael Kors

im like 5'2" and 97 pounds but i love extremely large oversized bags. im notorious for having a big bag. im not one of those people who have huge bags and not fill them either. my bags are always full of random shit, people like to stick their keys and cellphones in my bags, hella weighing me down. gosh.


lip gloss and lipsticks are pretty, but theyre practically useless without a good chapstick. i have an undying love for Soft Lips brand chapsticks. i literally own like 8 at any given time. i have atleast 2 in my purse, 1 in my makeup station, one in my car, and 1 in the BFs pockets at all times. lol i own like every flavor they've ever made.

i have really dry skin so i definitely cannot live without a good moisturizer. i love moisturizers that have SPF in them. my faves include:

Cliniques Dramatically Different Gel

Chanel Rectifiance Intense Retexturizing Line Correcting Cream + SPF 15

Kiehl's 'Bright' Brightening Botanical Moisture Fluid.

i've said it many times, i am a denim whore. i especially love skinny jeans. i swear this style was so made for me. since the whole skinny jean trend started i dont think i've purchased jeans that arent skinnys. i will live & die in skinny jeans

me & my sister on her prom day. isnt she adorable

my collection isnt massive, but its pretty decent. i dont buy colors that i will never wear. a lot of my colors are dark reds, purples and blacks. im obsessed with dark nail polish. & the other halfs are traditional shades of pinks. i hauled a massive amount of OPI a few months ago... my checkings account really hated me afterwards. lol i will get a picture of my collection up for you guys to see later tonight.


like seriously, what girl doesnt have a sexy black dress? i think its like a total NEED item in anyones closet. i dont know what it is about black dresses and black shoes that i find so desirable, im just drawn to them. whenever i slip on one of my black dresses i swear im the shit. haha i walk with my head held high like im the baddest bitch around. it totally brings out the vixen in me.

9. UGGS<3

no one loves their uggs like i love mine. i seriously wear them to death. theyre so comfortable and cute. im a total hypocrite though, cause i remember when uggs first came out.. i was like.. "WTF OHHHH HEL NO" i seriously thought all the white girls in my school lost their fucking minds! haha but the trend totally grew on me. i wear my uggs more than any other shoes combined. & living in alaska you can totally understand why. my feet get sooo cold and my uggs keep them totally warm

i seriously love my bangs. i love bangs in general. i have never seen someone who didnt look good with them. imma keep this look long after the fad dies out.

so tell me ladies:
  • what are your top 10 must haves?
  • if there was 1 beauty item you would recommend to someone, what would it be?
  • what is your #1 wishlist item?.. like something you desperately want, but cant convince yourself its worth the buy, but you would totally take it if someone gave it to you. lol
heyyy go enter E's new giveaway. shes giving away some Perricone MD goodness!


so enter & good luck loves


hola lovelies.

i was trying to get this posted yesterday, but i didnt have enough time. i went out to the movies last night with my boyfriend & my bff and her hubby. we saw TRANSFORMERS and it was the shhhhiiiitttt! seriously love that movie.

heres my FOTDnothing special. lol face routined as usual. the eye shadows are from my 120 pro palette. i was trying to go for a smokey purple look, and i didnt really succeed. lol i will have to try it again next time. i know my eyebrows look like a hot mess, i really need to go get them done again.

i won E's giveaway last week and i got this package at the beginning of the week, on tuesday i believe, and i've been lagging on posting the pictures. im such an asshole, i didnt even let E know i got it. im sorry E, dont hate me. i suuuuuuper loved the package, thank you so much!

eeeeeeeeeeeee! i was so excited.
looooooove note :) and she had these cute lil cards for her blog.

the goodies: tazo tea, sweetened ice green tea, hello kitty candies, vita b mask sheet, lotion, benefit eyeshadow, china glaze nail polish, and a black fish (sibling of her infamous pink fish).

thank you so much E! everything was so wonderful. im on a caffine ban right now (the bf is ruining my life i swear!) so i cant drink the tea yet, but i will get to it in a couple of months lol. the candies were delicious! and i cant wait to try out the eyeshadow, nail polish and mask. im soooo excited for the mask lol

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i was tagged by Rai :)

What's your favorite make up look?
i love a neutral smokey eye with nude lips. i looove nude lips

Do you have a beauty vice?
haha everything. i suck at resisting retail temtation, but Chanel is definitely my kryptonite. like i know i shouldnt spend $65 on a foundation, but my heart needs it. i swear it does!

What part of your body do you love?
i love my eye lashes. i always get compliments on them and people swear they're falsies. i've had a MUA pull on them once just to prove they're real.
& i love my lips. every MUA i've ever met says they're perfectly symmetrical

Who is your beauty icon?
Kim Kardashian shes like the smokey eye & nude lips queen! Jessica Alba too, she always looks so effortless, i hate it! lol

What beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy?
i agree with Rai, lipgloss is the shizz. i love to pout my lips. especially when they're super glossy

How do you look after your skin?
i rarely go out into the sun. i cleanse daily, and moisturize to the maxxxx

What is your signature scent?
haha i dont have one. i really dislike wearing perfume. its just not for me, i prefer the smell of my deodorant. its quite lovely. LMFAO im so serious too. i dont sweat or smell, so i dont need much. my natural scent is very appealing :D

What are your haircare secrets?
i wish i did. lol my hair is either down, im a pony tail or in a bun. i never do my hair cause its crazy straight and lifeless.

How do you pamper yourself?
i shop excessively & i get my nails done all the time. i love getting my nails done, but im sure those vietnamese people are killing my brain cells with all those fumes. its soo bad that i dont even smell the fumes anymore lol

What is your beauty pet peeve?
lol i really dont know. when it comes to make up i do not have a say in what you do to your own face, to each her own.

What would your desert island must haves be?
i would bring a life time of Chanel products. most of them have SPF 15 so i think i would be ok. OMG and a lifetime supply of soft lips. i hate having chapped lips, so disgusting.

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?

do you. not every look is right for you, wear what your comfortable with & buy what you like.

& Linda gave me some blog awards. thank you!

Monday, June 22, 2009


i woke up this morning and it was cold. its supposed to be summer.. why is it so cold? ahhhhhhhh i hate alaska sometimes.

giveaway updates
so i have checked my email, c-box, and comments and im positive i havent missed anyones entry for my giveaway. if you have posted an entry and your name is not on the list, then please let me know right away.

the giveaway deadline has been changed to June 30, 2009.
i know its just a few days shorter, but whatever. i was going to end it this friday, but i still havent received my flat rate shipping boxes, so imma give everyone a little more time to get their entries in. USPS is taking forever to get my boxes to me :(

tonight im gonna go pick up some things for the giveaway and then im done. i will post the 3 prizes by the end of this week and i hope they'll make everyone happy :)

my weekend update

i had a little bbq with my bffs on saturday. haha we have like 5 pounds of beef short ribs, 5 punds of chicken wings and 5 pounds of pork ribs for like 4 adults and 2 toddlers. seriously we made waaay too much food, but it was sooo good. i love bbqs

but i guess being outside all day was bad for my boyfriend. we woke up sunday morning and his face was all fucked up. both eyes were swollen shut and his cheeks were soooooooo swollen. he seriously looks like he got attacked by bees. so we drugged him up with benadryl and we basically slept all day. it was nice, but my back is like super sore now. lol and his face has gotten better since yesterday morning, but its still pretty bad. hes so ugly, OMG. haha its really sad, but totally hilarious. i've been teasing him non-stop. im mean, i know :)

i've been so busy with work lately, i know i've been MIA from my blog. i need to do a FOTD, or something to entertain you guys. i will be working on that tonight.

i hope everyone has a great week :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009



i seriously dont know what is going on right now, but im on a lucky streak. i totally want to fly out to vegas and gamble my heart out. im not a gambler but i'll try anything once! like i said before, i never ever win anything, and all of a sudden i won 2 giveaways in a row! wow, im like totally shocked!!

thank you so much E for holding your giveaway and giving me the opportunity to win :)

winning these giveaways are totally helping me curve the temptation to go out and buy myself a little something. i mean i havent purchased anything for my giveaway yet, but i do plan to. & i knooow i said i would buy anthing beauty related, but its for the giveaway! not for myself, so i think im allowed to do that. lol this shopping ban has been really hard on me, i fall to retail temptation easily and this is seriously the longest period of time where i havent purchased anything for myself. KUDOS TO ME! holler :) hahahaha

& with all my good luck lately i definitely need to pay it forward. i havent really figured it all out. i thought about adding one more prize to my giveaway, but 4 prizes seems like a bit much. then i thought about making the prizes bigger&better.. im not sure what i want to do yet. maybe i will do another giveaway once this one ends. i dont know, we'll just have to wait and see :)

but a big THANK YOU to all the ladies that have entered my giveaway so far. i love every single introduction post! i have gained a boat load of new followers, but i havent gotten very many entries, i hope that everyone who is following does an entry i would really love that.

im thinking about cutting the deadline. i know my time frame was a bit stretched out, but i figured it would give more people time to enter. i honestly started this giveaway as a way to thank my readers and i really dont want people to follow my blog for the pure fact of tryna get some free shit out of me. lol. thank you to everyone who submitted your answers to my other post. they really helped! so get your entries done ASAP! im going to cut the deadline, but i wont say when. it'll be a surprise.. its fucked up i know. hahah but you'll have atleast until fathers day (june 21) i will stop taking entries some time next week. have fun posting this weekend ladies!

Monday, June 15, 2009


here are the items that will be apart of my prize packages. i have more stuff, but i cant decide on what exactly will be the prizes yet. im so indecisive, lol

heres the box with all the junk in it

everything is NEW. i would never ever give away something i've used, yuuckie. i will swap it though, lol

& this is what i made for dinner the other night. it was so delicious :) wonton soup is the shit!!


this may not be exciting news for anyone but people who live in alaska but we are finally getting a Forever 21! soo exciting i can finally save myself the trouble of paying out the ass for shipping. shipping to alaska is always so EXPENSIVE. haha this may sound extremely lame, but alaska is so behind on retail stores. we just got a Target last year, our first Coach in 2007 and our first Kohls opened its doors in April 2009. shit, we got Abercrombie and Fitch in like 2002. we are seriously behind, i know.

im crossing my fingers for a Sephora. like that would seriously knock my socks off! or an H&M would be wonderful too. we dont even have an Express or a Victoria Secrets, its so depressing!

if you live in Anchorage and are jobless go check out the open interviews for Forever 21. they are looking for cashiers, management, head cashiers, stockers etc. Interviews are being held on June 18, 19 and 20 in the Dimond Center. stop by the old Gottschalk location in the Dimond Center for more details.

i would definitely apply if i was still in high school and could live off minimum wage, lol. but that store is a hot mess, it is way too much for me to handle. besides, retail is so not my thing. i used to work for victoria secrets and that seriously was a Panty Prison. i hated folding all those panties, but they gave out so many freebies it kind of made up for it. lol

i am totally hoping that this store opens before my giveaway ends so i can go pick up some goodies, but i doubt it. poooooooooooooooooooooooop :(

ohhh speaking of my giveaway. im going to be posting pictures of a few of the items i will be putting into my prize packages. i have like a whole small box of stuff so far. some of the items will be duo false lashes, fresh minerals trio eye palettes, and OPI nail polish. i will post pictures when i get home in a few ours, so i will leave you all in anticipation! lol

oh & i have a question:

1. do you think the deadline for my giveaway is too far stretched out?
- i know giving people about a month to do a contest entry is reasonable, but i keep thinking giving that much time for just a blog entry may be too much? i dont know, i think im just so excited to draw winners, lol. i wanna do it now! im so impatient

2. what type of items would you like to see in a giveaway prize package?
- i keep thinking of "great" or "useful" items to give away, but everyone has their own interpretation of those words, so let me know.. what would you like to see? especially since you may be the winner!

3. if you did win, could i mail you things in the future?
- haha not like a piece of my hair, or anything strange... but just to build a friendship. like if i got a sample of something i liked and i wanted you to try, or a letter cause i love you. hahah i sound so creepy... please dont be scared.

haha i hope everyone had a great monday! the week is almost over :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009



i like seriously never win anything. i came second place in my elementary school spelling bee when i was in the 3rd grade and being 2nd place has haunted me ever since. im like flabbergasted i won! lol i told my boyfriend and he was like.. yay? i just totally cant believe it. yay for me :D this is definitely helping me since im on my little purchasing ban, ahhhhhh i still have like 46 days until it ends :(

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut good news! i've reached over 50 followers! woooooohoooooooo :D

so i have decided to add another prize to my current giveaway. so thats 3 prizes total. remember ladies the contest ends July 3!! i know thats like a lifetime away from right now, but get posting! i've gotten 4 blog entries so far and they were all so wonderful to read. i honestly didnt expect people to open up as much as they did. i love getting to know people and to really connect with them beyond a shared love of makeup. i totally love all you ladies who have entered (and who plan on entering!)

all 3 prizes will be equivalent in size, item numers and content. they wont be the same exact thing, but i will make then as similar as possible. i know i said i would post the prizes this weekend, but since i added 2 more prizes it'll have to wait until next weekend so i can get everything together. umm, there wont be anything uber delicious in the prizes like MAC or any other department store goodies cause im on a budget. haha please dont think im cheap!! i live in alaska so there arent a bunch of department stores around, i only have nordstroms (sad i know) but i will definitely make up for it with all the other goodies! i promise :)

all prizes will be shipped via USPS priority mail (flat rate boxes are the shiz!!). all winners must submit their mailing addresses to me with 5 days of the winners announcements. please submit your mailing addresss via e-mail. if i dont receive it with in 5 days i will forfeit your win and draw another name, sorry.

ohh and i plan on drawing winners by hand. im going to write everyones name and draw from a hat.. well not really a hat, is more like a container, but i thought that would be the fair way to play. i know a lot of people use random.org, but that would require me to count and shit, so i'll pass. hahha im adding names to the container as entries come in, and i will have someone other than myself draw the names when it comes time to choose a winner. YAY

if this giveaway is successful then i will try and hold one regularly.

Friday, June 12, 2009


we went to our first bar mitzvah. my boss invited us, so i was obligated to go, but we had a lot of fun. it seriously was much much better than i ever expected. we wore purple.. haha yes we are one of those disgusting couples that like to match. its never the same exact thing, we just color coordinate. lol

my boyfriend bought his car in alaska. FINALLY! we've been sharing since february when he moved up here and its been a pain in the ass, lol im so glad he has his own car now. look at how happy he is! hahaha yes, i forced him to take the picture :)

i spent the day with my sister on sunday and we indulged in some yummy treats. a strawberry and hot fudge sundae from dairy queen and a chocolate fudge cupcake from starbucks. sooooooooooooooooo delicious!

i got home from work the other day and i had a package... i was like WTF? baby bought these for me :)

my sister got this maxi dress from Target for like $17.99. its super cute & im definitely going to be borrowing it once or twice over the summer. such a great deal!

then i decided to do my face, cause i was waiting for the BF to get home from work... its reeally purple. it looks a lot more magenta/pink in the pictures cause of the flash, but i liked it. the BF saw it and he said he liked it too, lol much too bright for me to wear during the day, but would definitely be a nice club look.

i hope everyone has a great weekend! i know i will :)
& enter my giveaway if you have some spare time, im getting the prizes ready as we speak!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


so heres a list of the names of my followers (prior to the giveaway announcement) that i have entered into my giveaway:

- Robyn http://www.fashionista514.com/
- Lily http://fffemaleintuition.blogspot.com/
- Victoria http://victoriasreviews.blogspot.com/
- Siamese http://saimese.blogspot.com/
- Michelle Ngo http://mtngo.blogspot.com/
- Pangie http://pangies-addictions.blogspot.com/
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extremely picture heavy!

so this is my version of an entry for my giveaway. i swear this is like the easiest giveaway ever, i mean.. you're just writing about yourself! who cant do that!? so i definitely think everyone should enter, if you dont.. i might have to slap you. haha im so not joking either. well on with my introduction!!

my real name is Ketmany. pronounced ket-mon-nee, and yes this is my actual name. its on my id and everything, haha. when i met my boyfriend and i told him what my name was he thought i was lying. he seriously thought i made it up, i should've slapped him, lol :) my close friends and family usually call me Nee. the only people who call me by my first name are people i meet at school or work.

outside of make-up and beauty related things i really dont do much with my life. its sad i know. i shop & thats about it. its ALL BAD! haha i like clothes and shoes and purses. i love designer names, im a brat like that. but i do LOVE to cook. i love to have bbqs, dinner parties, birthday parties, any reason for me to cook for in large quantites im all for it. im really passionate about my cooking and im damned good in the kitchen! but since i've moved back in with my parents i really dont cook as much, i've gotten so lazy. lol

i was born in thailand (im laotian btw) my family immigrated to America from Laos in the late 1980's. my biological father passed away when i was a baby, but my step dad is the best dad a girl could ever ask for :) i have 2 brothers and a younger sister. i work full-time as an invenotry manager for a small wireless company and im a student pursuing a bachelors in biological science. im not a party girl, well i know how to party with the best of 'em, but i really prefer to stay home and watch tv or kick it with my friends. i grew up between california and alaska, so im a strange combination of a valley girl & a small town girl. im a yes maam, thank you sir kinda person. i live a good life and i definitely dont take it for granted. i swear i have the best friends and family ever, and i know everyone says that. but i've been to hell and back and these are the people who have stood beside me through out it all. loooooooooooooooooooooove them :)

here are 5 random facts about me:

  1. i live in alaska. yes, i really do. honestly no one would lie about living in alaska, haha. i actually happen to love it here. i've lived here since 1997 and i moved to california for 2 years for college and i always miss it whenever im away. its really a love hate relationship, the cold really gets on my nerves in the winter time. im working on a post about my love for alaska right now, lol
  2. i cant swim. i sink like a rock whenever i get into deep water. i took a swimming class in high school and i failed miserably. haha its really sad, yes i know. but i honestly dont think i need to know how to swim, i've given up on it. im living my life perfectly fine without that skill.
  3. in october i was pre-diagonosed with cervical cancer and i was scared shitless. my life seriously flashed before my eyes and things were really fucked up for me for a few months, but in the end everything worked out. as of march theres so cancer cells in sight! but i do have to get an exam every 6 months to make sure it doesnt ever come back.
  4. im super hairy. haha thats not something i should share with people over my blog, but its not that big of a deal to me anymore. i have a super lot of arm hair, leg hair.. whatever. i used to be so self-concious about it when i was younger, but now i could care less. i've embraced it and i love it. my hair keeps me warm, LMFAO.
  5. i really dont believe i have a sense of style. haha im really all over the place. i loooove to dress super preppy. in high school i lived in abercrombie and fitch. now im really just trying to find my style, so my clothes are very random.
i have 3 dogs. 2 live with me and 1 lives with my ex-boyfriend. im a huge animal lover. i call animal control any time i see a stray dog and i have been known to get out of my car and try to save animals.. it never really works out, but atleast i try. here are pictures of my babies, cause i like to whore my children out. please enjoy :D
my two babies, Mocha & Leche.

my baby Komi :) i miss him so much!

heres some important information for you to know. i am really sweet and very loveable :) but im a fucking bitch 9 times outta 10. haha i am what i am, its really a love it or leave it situation. i can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, its really all up to you. i swear like a sailor, if you havent noticed from my post. i definitely dont talk like a lady. i have a seriously cruel sense of humor. i talk a lot of shit cause i grew up around a buncha guys, so im very guy-like. hmm i really dont know what else to say, if you think of anything just ask! i shall now flood you with billions of pictures from my life. enjoy the picture whorage!

im completely obsessed with Chanel. its like crack, and im addicted.

meet my big brothers. they're all a buncha drunks, theyre super rowdy and annoying & i loooooooooooove them to death! i lived with them 24/7 for 2 years and i miss them soooo much
(obviously they arent my biological brothers lol)

these ones are my biological siblings though. i know, we all look nothing alike.

my bff in sacramento, she seriously is my soul mate :)

my bffs since high school. dont know what i would do without them

the love of my life :)

well i hope yall feel like you know me a little bit better. so get posting!

ya know the drill: follow, enter, & good luck!