Wednesday, September 30, 2009


this week has totally sucked balls, i was feeling extremely fatigued and sore on sunday. i went to costco and could barely walk around, then monday came around and a horrible pain in the right side of my back started. i seriously was about to die, so we went to the ER and spent the whole night there cause i have a kidney infection.. freaking gay! but baby is totally fine, he was just chillin' the entire time i was dying from pain. lol

buuuuut in more exciting news, so we went to the doctors to find out the sex of the baby, ohhh how exciting. my mom really hasnt showed much excitement during this whole process, but i cant really blame her.. shes like a typical asian parent...fairly emotionless (lol so true, so very true). but im like BURSTING with excitement!!

so i am officially annoucing that February 21, 2010 we will be expecting a baby BOY!

i love how its labeled "boy parts" haha.

we didnt get any good pictures of him, he was being soooo uncooperative! with his head down and legs all crossed.. it took forever just to figure out he had a little wiener, but we are so excited!

the boyfriend and i also celebrated our 1 year anniversary together :) it was nice, but no pictures cause the kidney infection didnt really make it that enjoyable, lol. plus, i look all jacked up and such.. so i'll spare you guys the horror. lol


xoladiihoneyxo said...

happy one year anni to you love birds. lol. and congrats on the baby boy! so very true about typical asian parents. hahaha! i hope the kidney infection goes away soon!

Rai said...

Happy Anniversay!

Congrats on the baby boy. =D

Caramel Diva said...

I knew it was a boy!

Happy anniversary and congrats again on the baby!

Krystia said...

Hey Ket,
I'm just glad to hear that both you and your baby are doing well,- enough. Sorry that you had such a rough few days, I'll continue to pray for your health.
But certainly, congratulations on finding out the baby's sex and also on your anniversary!*_*!

KRYSTAL said...

hope u feel better ketmany!! and CONGRATS ON THE BABY BOY!

Mel said...

Hope your feeling better soon! And congrats on the baby boy!

adin_22 said...

Wow...Congratulations on the baby boy.....and Happy Anniversary to both of u!!!

Katrina said...


Get well soon! I had a kidney infection in the summer or '07...oh boy, those are no joke. Your lucky you caught it though. I waited it out too long and had to get it drained. They stuck a tube in my...yeah...

Don't worry about your mom not being too excited. Just wait till that baby is born...she will spoil him and hold him, you'll be begging for 5 minuets to hold him! lol My mom was the same way until the last day of my pregnancy. It's like "ehh forget her...gimme my baby!!!". haha

Get well hun!

Crystal said...

congrats dear! i hope you feel better.

Jheneal said...

Congratulations! And I hope you feel better.

I'm sure your mom will be really excited once the baby arrives. Have you guys thought of any names? I remember when my mom had both of my brothers. Shopping for baby stuff was the best part. =]