Saturday, December 19, 2009


im so inlove, that words cannot express the joy i feel. so i shall share them with pictures! woot woot :D!!!!

came home from work and found this HUGE box waiting for me :)

i open the box to find this.... *begins to drool*

and the undressing begins.... *inserts porno music*

i am so in love

the changing pad, how cute!

this bag was seriously worth ever stinking penny! this was my christmas gift and well deserved may i add. you can find this via the Burberry website, if anyone was interested. i looked at a lot of different diaper bags and this was the best buy overall. its huge! the only down side is that it is a canvas bag, so maintaining it will be a challenge, but who cares i love it :D

another new addition to my life is this beauty..... my temporary Tacori. i say "temporary" because its not real diamonds. lol this is from the Tacori Epiphany line that Tacori designs for QVC. i randomly found it online and fell inlove with it. its fake (diamoniques), but sparkles likes the real thing. i will get my actual Tacori one day, but until then, i love this ring to death!

its so official :)


Arezu said...

That ring is BEAUTIFUL!
And that bag is hot ma! ;) Your baby boy will be stylin, haha!

Caramel Diva said...

Love the bag and the ring looks beautiful:)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

whoa at the baby bag! haha.