Thursday, December 24, 2009


i dont really do much for christmas, so the most exciting thing for christmas eve was getting off work early... and having christmas day off. lol, yes my life is that exciting. i have already opened my presents, cause im a brat.. so nothing left to do but sleep in and eat ice cream. yay! also to enjoy a soda! my boyfriend has been limiting my love for caffine & carbonation since i have been pregnant, its been pure misery. lol

anyways.. everyone knows that pregnancy changes your body. at the end of the day its a really beautiful experience. haha but on a day to day basis; the weight gain, breaking out, mood swings and morning sickness is really a pain in the ass. not to mention the back pain, swelling and pure misery you experience daily is really just crap. undesirable crap! haha i know many women who tell me they loved being pregnant, they loved the baby bump and feeling the baby kick. as for myself, while i love the fact that i am pregnant, i would rather fast forward through the actuality of being pregnant. haha im horrible, i know. but, its really hard work. the experience is different for everyone, i know, but dude... i feel like i have a 20 lbs watermelon strapped to my tummy!

i thought i should document the change that has occurred in myself through out this pregnancy, to give you ladies a better idea of what to expect when you're pregnant.... lol

this was me pre-pregnancy:

height: 5'2"
weight: 95 pounds
bra size: 32A
pant size: 23 (00, xs)

&watch the growing begin....

19 weeks (almost 5 months)

22 weeks (5 1/2 months)

25 weeks ( 6 months, 1 week)

this is me at 30 weeks (7 1/2 months):

height: 5'2"
weight: 120 pounds
bra size: 32D
pant size: 25/26 (3, sm)

there hasnt been a huge change haha who am i kidding? hahaha ok there has, but change is good. i havent really been doing much to mainntain my weight or my figure.. lol im honestly too lazy to work out. but i have been monitoring what i eat and try to stay away from snacks and fatty foods. its seriously easier to keep the weight off now than to have to try and work it off after the pregnancy.

but the best thing about my pregnancy so far has been my boobs. hahaha yes seriously i went from an A to a D. you can only imagine my facial expression when i went to try on bras and found out i was a D. theyre the boobs i have always wanted to buy and i love them. i will be sad when they're gone after im done breast feeding though, but seriously.. im enjoying them while they are here :)

my best advice for any mommy to be is to be educated. i did a lot of reading and really kept my health and the health of my baby in mind during this pregnancy. being informed is the best thing you can do when having or trying to have a baby :)

omgggg, the grossest thing about this pregnancy so far, is that my belly button is starting to pop out. look at it! hahahaha

im covering up the hole for my navel piercing. why? because it looks yucky. haha i waited too long to take it out... and it stretched a bit and the skin scarred a bit and its dark now.. needless to say, im doing yall a favor. lol :)

hope you enjoyed my little beach ball :)

merry christmas & goodnight loves


twinsouls888 said...

congratz on your pregnancy, it's an amazing moment in your life :)

Vanilla said...

D-A-M-N.u look goddamn hot !u make me wanna have piercing !hehe
btw u havent changed much and its 7 1/2 months already??u r having ur baby soon dear !!yeay !!cant wait!dont abandon ur blog after u have ur new baby ok??hahaha

Aralka said...

Lovely belly!
And you have a good figure, believe me :)
You look beautiful, so happy.

You know, I wish you all the best for you and your kid :)

Marry Christmas!

Jennnn said...

wow, i have been away wayyy too long. congrats on your pregnancy! you make one gorgeous mama :)

Tina Doan said...

you look great! you'll definitely bounce back shortly afterwards, so not to worry. hopefully you don't lose the boobs either lol

Missie said...

Hey girl!! You look so great for 7 months!! Your skin looks amazing!! I'm fearful of stretch marks and your belly doesn't have a hint of it!1 And I know my eyes aren't decieving me!! THAT IS A HUGE ENGAGEMENT RING!! Congrats!! I know you've been waiting for the right one!!