Monday, July 20, 2009


i dont really care much to blog about fashion trends or beauty trends. im never really one to be a "trendsetter" or a very good trend follower at that. i always catch on to things like 2 seasons too late, lol. but this is definitely a trend i could never see myself following.. or anyone in their right mind at that.

apparently all the big names in fashion are sporting this look for their runway shows. the bleached eyebrow, or a completely lack of eyebrow in some cases. like who in their right minds would do this!? i understand the whole androgynous beauty thing, but seriously... you just look like a freaking alien.

even Adriana Lima bleached her brows for her new Givenchy ads. it seriously creeps me out. look at this picture, she looks like marilyn mansons twin. gives me the F'en heeby jeebies!!

but as all fashion trends hit the runways will this hit maine street? like could you really imagine seeing women walking down the streets with bleached, or no eyebrows!? i would seriously freak the fuck out if one of my "fashionista" friends thought this was a good idea. but then again shit like gaucho pants caught on like wild fire, so who knows right?

i just hope not. so tell me.. would you try this look? ( im going to assume that everyone says no, lol or atleast i hope so...) but what are your thoughts on this. like is this really "fashionable"? or have these people just lost their fucking minds..


Rai said...

lol. They didn't bleach their eyebrows, it's just concealed with makeup. There's this one designer who always makes his models look rather creepy... I forget his name though.

Definitely something I wouldn't do, yuck!

Rai said...

Oh yeah, I remember it now... lol
Alexander McQueen, google him!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

yes I would... ahahaha. NOT!
I don't know who would want to bleach their eyebrows. It looks so weird. Girls complain about how they don't have the full length eyebrows and even try to either tattoo it or make it darker with makeup. It's so weirdddddddd with the no eyebrow look... it's just scary. If it ever hits main street then.......... we're going to be living in a haunted world -__-" no kidding at that!

leslielovesmakeup said...

i would never do it! ridiculous and would make me look like a freak.

KRYSTAL said...

i think that people just lost their MINDS overnight!! hahah that is such an UGLY fashion trend!! lmao at the "alien" comment. so trueeee!!

josephinechoo said...

Not me!!
Won't do that my whole life..

Edna said...

I would never conceal my brows. I think brows define the face !!

Sassy Jadore said...

LOL! I don't think no eyebrows will ever be a Fashion DO. It's totally not hot on my agenda.

Pop Champagne said...

She kind of reminds me of Tom Cuize in "Interview with a Vampire" hmmm