Monday, July 20, 2009


fuck photobucket for cutting off my video! :(



2. DID ANYONE SEE HARRY POTTER & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE? cause i saw that shit and it was whack whack whack!!! i'll save my full review for my next vlog. yes im seriously that angry that i have to vlog about my disappointment. lol

3. WHAT WOULD YOU CONSIDER A MAC MUST HAVE? im going to swing by the counter again and hope that my boyfriend doesnt kill me. lol


Edna said...

Hey Ketmany!

How are you using your MSF? All over your face or just targeted areas? I like using a kabuki brush for all over face, and I usually use the 109 as a highlight, and if I want to use the MSF as a blush, I'd use the new 131 or 188. Hope that helps

No, I havent watched Harry Potter ... I'm not a fan.

A MAC must have = blacktrack fluidline + the appropriate brush (angled brush or one of those weird precise ones) I've been using that for over a year in a half and it hasn't dried up yet. Best $14 dollars invested :)

BTW, I can't watch your video.

Crystal said...

hmm well here are my thoughts:

1. i just got myself my first MSF today so i was wondering about the same thing since a MAC 187 might give a too-sheer finish.

2. i saw HP6 and although it was very different from the book, i felt that it had the best cinematography out of all the films.

3. no. i use MAC too, but i feel that if a person was really on a budget, she could get around with cheaper alternatives. but the brushes are a must-check out.

sokpoprocks said...

yea, i saw harry potter, i didnt think it was that bad, but i didnt LOVE it either, i thought it was okay , since they did have to squeeze everything into a 2.5 hour movie.but i cant wait to see your dissapointed vlog! i love your vids, =)

Tiffany said...

I love mac's MSF!!!!!!! omg. my favorite is in refined haha. I use a fluffy powder brush to use all over my face. it just MELTS everything into my face. and it's not too shimmery either.

I have this one brush from smashbox's travel set that works perfect!!

definitely get more!!

I also like their paintpots cause they don't crease and add color to my eyes super fast! I only have one: rubenesque lol it's pretty but not a color I really want... I want indianwood!

btw harry potter sucked. pissed me off :[ i had to go satisfy myself by reading the book. i think i will read it again. it was more exciting than the movie.

Jheneal said...

I keep hearing the new Harry Potter movie sucked. And now, I'm not so sure I want to waste $7 and see it.

I just hope New Moon won't be a disappointment.

Pop Champagne said...

heh I haven't seen Harry Potter... I read up to the 3rd book and stopped. Saw 15 min of 2nd movie and stopped too. haha what a fan I am!

bunee said...

oh i was so excited for harry potter :(

what are you using the msf for ? i use soft&gentle as a highlighter and use.. the pink eyeshadow blending brush from coastal scent thats WAY too big to be used as a blending brush. i find its a perfect size for highlighting the nose bridge and top cheek bones.

xphoebelinax said...

i've been wanting to use msfs forever! and i'm getting really tempted by all the bloggers that i read about talking about it! :P

you didn't like harry potter?? aw dear... i did... but i think it's cause i haven't read the book.. looking forward to your next vlog! :D

R.C. said...

Hmmm... MAC must haves in my kit...

Blacktrack liquid liner (the one in the pot - its waterproof... I wear this everyday and it's great to go swimming in)

Russian Red, Angel, Creme de Nude lipstick

Loving the lipconditioners... not sticky... try the orange one - a total fave!

Krystia said...

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Dana Yoshimizu said...

Hey girl, how've you been!? I totally miss you, come back! X)