Wednesday, July 08, 2009


i often get a bunch of questions in my comments and i never answer them. lol cause im a stupid bitch, im sorry! and since my lack my posting lately i decided to answer a few questions and give you ladies a little update.

Q: My giveaway winners are probably wondering "where the fuck is my package bitch!?"

A: I am sooo sorry!! I have been guilty of lagging on getting to the post office to mail the packages out. I've been really sick this week and Im hoping to get them out by Friday, cause the BF has the day off so I will make him do that for me.

Q: Dana asked me "what time does the sun rise in alaska?" from my giveaway update vlog.

A: the sun is usually up by 6 am during the summer. i havent been awake that early in a long time, but in 2007 i used to work a 5am shift and the sun was already up well before me. during the summer it never really gets dark here. when the sun goes down its still pretty bright and visible. its a wonderful thing. it seems weird and creepy but it makes you feel like you have all the time in the world to do things (except all the businesses close at their usual times lol). but you can totally play basketball at 1am or wash your car at 11pm.

Q: Lily asked "What blush do you have on? It looks like spaced out by MAC lol" from my original winner announcement vlog.

A: ahahha im so ashamed to say but i only own 1 blush. yesss i said it, and its not even a blush, its actually a bronzer. i havent branched out an explored that part of the makeup world yet, and i really need to. lol but its the Chanel Silky Bronzing Powder in 21 Toundra.

Q: E asked "Which Keihls Moisturizer do you like/recommend?"

A: I think the summer of 2007 i had the best skin of my life and i swear its cause i was using keihls products. i really need to stock up on them again. i really love their Kiehl's 'Bright' Brightening Botanical Moisture Fluid. its a bit pricey at $40 for a 1 oz bottle, but i bought the entire regimen and it did wonders for my skin.

omg and you guys have to listen to this guy sing. this is seriously one of my favorite songs The Script "Man Who Cant Be Moved".

seriously the voice of an angel.


My-My said...

Holy moly on the alaska sun! I may want to move there. I'd get so much done. lol.

My-My said...

and i just listened to the YouTube video. woooooh that voice! I'm listening to a whole bunch more. Thanks for sharing. I love listening to undiscovered artists.

Edna said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'm looking into that line now. I'm thinking about picking up their mineral base mascara. Maybe after i"m done with all my skincare stuff, I'll switch over to Khiels. :P

KRYSTAL said...

goshhh i wish i lived in alaska!! i seriously thought that it snowed all year long! & thanks for sharing that youtube video by the script!! beautiful...

R.C. said...

oh yeah... alaska baby!!! Great white north up here with me (well you maybe a little more than me).

I sooo want a spicy hotsauce-off but we don't know when we are going yet! We are still waiting for the papers for the porshe at the border (*sigh*), and then we are OFFFFF!!! Estimation is in like a week or two, but can't be sure yet cause of work... I will keep you updated my dear!!!

prettii-uglii said...

aww haha I'm the same with blushes i only own 2! one of them was a gift from my mom -__-
ohh is there one month every year when the sun doesn't rise at all where u live? it's prolly a silly question, but i saw it in the movie 30 days of night.
hope you're feeling better! xo