Saturday, July 04, 2009


i was tagged by Linda to do this tag.. lol thanks!

You have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Then you have to tag ten people with the award. Finally, let all the people you've given the award know they've gotten it (comment their blogs or something). Don't forget to link back to the person who awarded you.

1. i have a tattoo on my ring finger. im sure you can see it in my videos. its my boyfriends initials (JR). tacky.. i know. i get the whole "you're gonna regret that one day" or "i would never do that" blah blah blah.. like i give a fuck :P

2. i have 2 scars on my right knee from a jump roping accident from the 3rd grade. lol i fell and these rock stabbed right through my skin. my school nurse called my mom cause i needed stitches, and my mom wouldnt let her stitch me up. my mom was just like.. it'll heal. lol

3. i eat food so spicy that it'll probably burn a whole into other peoples stomachs.

4. my boyfriend is 2 years younger than me

5. im lactos intolerant, but i eat dairy anyways and it makes me really really sick

6. coconuts give me migraines

7. i tried to save a stry dog once and the little piece of shit bit me! needless to say it was an unsuccessful rescue mission

8. im obsessed with my wedding (no im not getting married any time soon). i seriously love anything thats wedding related.

9. i've donated my hair to locks of love 3 times. i always donate atleast 10 + inches every time.

10. i drive an 07 volvo. i got it right after i turned 18. my parents almost bought me a civic, like they were ready to sign all the papers but decided to wait because they werent sure if i would like the color (it was blue). verrrrry sweet of them, but i did not want a civic. so i ended up getting a volvo because volvos were made for cool kids :)

i dont know who to tag, so everyone should dooo it!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

LOL!!!! "honest crap tag?" hahaha. When I first read it.... I have the weird look on my face and then I was like.. wow. HAHAHAHA.

I want to donate my hair! My goal is 20 inch for the first time. LOL.

I like anything that's wedding related too!!! I even have a binder of different designs of wedding dresses/gowns, favors, places to have weddings, and other stuff like food, cake, fireworks. blah blah blah. and Bridal (the magazine) haha.

KRYSTAL said...

interesting facts ketmany! lol @ number 2! and omg, i LOVEEEE HOTTT HOTT HOT FOODS TOO! theres just something about it, thats so effin good. haha

Jenn said...

haha im lactose intolerant too.. sort of and i still eat all the things I shouldn't. then i just regret it afterwards. thanks for sharinggg i might do this when i get bored enough :)

Edna said...

I agree with #8. I'm obsessed with my (future) wedding. Funny thing was, when we were heading back home from Tahoe last night, we passed by a couple wedding chapels and Daniel was like, Wanna get married? Obviously! But not at a tacky wedding chapel. Sheeesh.. I want the works!

Caramel Diva said...

Great facts!!!

certain foods give me migraines too like oranges and bananas.

My-My said...

YEY! I've donated my hair twice. I don't know what's so thrilling about it. but it is thrilling. lol. like, i've saved a child or something. lol.

Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

haha cute post :)

my ex was 2 years younger too *high5* lol

Jenn said...

The Biore pore strips work really nice. Nothing like pulling all the nasty things that look like maggots from the pores on your nose. :) Just don't put too much water (I did that in the beginning) and it didn't work that well.

Yeah, my neighbors do the whole fireworks thing and it's pretty annoying too. The thing is they don't start and stop on July 4th, but they end up doing it a couple days before and after July 4th.. so annoying.

Pop Champagne said...

heh I think I'm also somewhat lactos intolerant... drinking milk makes my stomagh all bubbly etc but I still love cheese... sigh

sokpoprocks said...

cool tag! im definetly gonna do this, and i think that asians are naturally lactose intolerant! i am too, but i love CHCOLATE milk!!!
and my litle brother loves spicy food too, but maybe because he's half laos, lol cause i sure can't eat spicy like he can! he eats peppers for fun! yuck!i would DIE!!

R.C. said...

oh maaaan... I am the spice master 3000... I sooo challenge you to a spicy food-off!!! I think the tattoo is super cool by the way... that is the sweetest thing ;)

Jennnyy. said...

my boyfriend is a year younger than me! hahahaha everyone always makes fun of me and shit for me but fuck em! :)