Saturday, October 03, 2009


everyone says i have that "glow" from being pregnant, but i honestly feel more like im harboring a fugitive.. haha. i havent been wearing makeup for a good 2 months now, sad i know. but i dont have the energy to put my face on, and i was breaking out like a 13 year old boy. now that the break outs have cleared up, i can finally put my face back on again!

the first timester suuuuuuuucked!

we went out last night for my BFFs boyfriends 22nd birthday. i didnt get any pictures from the dinner.. we ate at this japenese/korean/chinese place that seriously sucked balls. so if you are ever in anchorage, stay away from the tempura kitchen! i was so disappointed last night.

i dont really like to be matchy-matchy with my eye makeup and my outfit. so i did a pinky eye, instead of anything in the blue family. i did feel "glowy" last night, haha its hard to feel pretty when you're getting so fat.

pink eyes & pink lips. i loooved it :)
Products used:
MAC painterly paint pot
Light pink & Hot pink e/s from 120 palette
Almay black waterproof eyeline
MAC plush lash mascara
Yellow e/s from 120 palette as a highlight

MUFE hd invisible cover foundation in #123 desert
Revlon color stay pressed powder in natural beige
Flirt blush in Dolled Up
Chanel Bronzer in Tundra

i didnt get a picture of the entire outfit, lol but i wore a blue empire dress with black leggings, long black leather boots & my BEBE leather jacket.

look at my belly! haha its really not that big, but the dress made it look that way. im a few days shy of 20 weeks (5 months) now :)

& i photo whored my doggies :)

he's so cute & ridiculously fat. lol he is such a big boy now :(

& my daughter was too busy with her chew stick to pay any attention to me lol

haha she looks so funny! chew sticks are like crack to dogs, i swear. my dogs are obsessed with them.


pangie said...

aww... you look so cute all prego! love the makeup look.

your dog looks like a badass with that chew stick hanging out of its mouth. lol

Edna said...

You look beautiful :) Another 4 months, are you excited?

Sassy J'adore said...

Hey girl~
U sure do have the glow and u look beautiful. Your dogs are so cute. =)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

someone's glamorous!

I think prego bellies are cute. hehe. at least you can be fat... take advantage of it! make sure to use creams or whatever so you won't have to deal with stretch marks!!!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute, you really DO have a glow going on! :)

Sarah said...

Ohh you look amazinggggg!!!! And I'm pretty sure that no amount of bronzer and makeup can create the glow that you have goin' on!!!!!
And LOVE the pink with the green earings, such a pretty contrast!

WIFEY INE. said...

you are totally glowing! i felt my prettiest ever when i was pregnant with my 2nd son. :)

as for fairbanks, it's alright. quite different from what i'm used to. i'm a city girl so i've been accustomed to having everything i want and need just down the street. i think that's pretty much my biggest problem out here. the fact that it's so remote. i'll get used to it though. but so far, the weather isn't too bad. i'm slowly learning how to dress for the cold. i'd love to see some of your outfits so i know how to dress here! hahaha.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Okay, so I've been secretely reading all of your posts & never commenting on them (and then I realized that I seem like such a stalker)! XD haha I'm all telling my BF about how happy I am for you and then it dawns on me that I've never told you myself that I'm SUPER DUPER excited for you <3 I had a smile from ear to ear when I first found out that you and the bf are finally having a baby, CONGRATS!! ^__^

Fifi said...

awwe, my sister in law is also pregnant and she said the first trimester really did suck.

I think you look beautiful & please keep us updated :D

Rai said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! I see the glow!! =D

Krystia said...

You are totally glowing like a foul mouthed angel*_* I'm in love with your outfit, coiffed hair, earrings, and face!
I hope that the sickness eases up. One of my best friends is preggers also, and she had to be put on drips because she couldn't keep anything down. But it should get better after the first trimester.