Thursday, October 15, 2009


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Tmobile is driving me insane. i love my sidekick, i really really do, but i am at the point where i wanna just cancel my account and go back to AT&T.

heres my issue with them:

1. my 2008 sidekick has FORVER had bad reception. my boyfriend bought us the 2008 sidekicks last october and his worked perfectly, but mine would lose reception constantly.. like even when we were right next to each other! its ridiculous.

2. the sidekick data base is GONE! yes, that means all of my contacts, notes, everything in my phone basically is gone, gone, gone. they sent out alerts letting everyone know you shouldn't turn your phone off or else you'll lose all the data you have saved in your phone cause their data base crashed.. well, all my shit is gone. sucks for me :(

3. my boyfriend upgraded to the new sidekick lx 2009 in May of this year and its Ocotober and we are already on our 2nd warranty exchange. isnt that lovely?

i mean that is already bad enough, but they just continue to annoy me. like, we put insurance on my boyfriends line, but they mistakenly put it on my line instead.. and i had to spend 45 minutes on hold with someone to fix it. or we almost didnt get our first warranty exchange cause every CSR that we talked to told us something different and it took like 2 weeks for us to get a phone that shouldve been delivered in 3 business days. omg, its just frustrating. i really love their customer service, every time i talk to someone on the phone they're really pleasant to talk to and super nice, but i hate the fucken company. im just so agitated right now.

i love my sidekick, but i think im about ready to part with it... i just need to find a way out of my contract. i refuse to pay a early termination fee! lol

goodbye tmobile, hello at&t!


WIFEY INE. said...

i heard all about that t-mobile thing. i can't believe they still make customers pay for an early termination fee after what happened. that's just crazy. they need to get their sh*t straight.

make the switch to an iphone girl!

Pang said...

Ohhh, that sucks girl. Hopefully you can get out of it, I know alot of people who hate T-Mobile too!

Anonymous said...

T-mobile sucks but I think it's the cheapest out there. I hate my t-mobile phone too !

Jasmin said...

Sucks.. I've heard stuff through friends & the news about it. I so wanted a sidekick, but I have verizon & a voyager.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

stay with t-mobile and just switch phones? I don't know. I like it and my contract is ending soon (4+ years for this contract!). I keep switching phones because it just keep fuckin up on me -___- But I love their myfave plan and plus.... I'm only paying 5 dollars for text right now while the text plan already went up for those who are new to like... I think $20 by now? I think the sidekick is annoying. It's not annoying when other people use it but when I use it, I get annoyed by it. HAHA. And I was just messing around with my cousin's phone when she had it like four years ago! lol. depending on the location, it gives you better reception. I don't have reception in my college right now and it aggrivates me sometimes -___-

R.C. said...

hey girl... t mobile is def a american thing, but I have heard all too many rants directed towards them and glad I don't have to deal with that effing shit!

Finally I get back to blog stalking your ass! I've been travelling and miss you and your posts! I will have more time to visit now and drop you a line ;)

I didn't get the giveaway, but that's canada post for ya. Sucks balls. if anything though, you should be getting it back in the mail!

Hope you are doing well (other than stupid shit like cell companies) :) glad to be back!

Toothfairynotes said...

I have t-mobile as well, and it's working totally fine? Though my phone just dead last week, the reception and all with t-mobile was never a problem... maybe it's just your phone?


Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

omfg im in the same shit!!! i LOVE my sidekick more then life but ugh i hate tmobile!!

Anonymous said...

My Blackberry "broke" after one year and two weeks. The warranty had expired (of course) and when I went to replace it, t-mobile told me that I would have to pay more for the "service" plan even though they locked me into a two-year agreement. For a phone that shouldn't have broken! And then there's an "upgrade" fee and an express shipping charge and all sorts of extra charges. Can't buy the same phone because they don't offer it anymore. Such a scam! Such a rip-off! It's really obscene. I'm NOT giving up.Taking it to the top if I have to. Attorney General? Sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm a VP at T-Mobile

I know what they are like from personal experience. Its a crap compnay to work for and the leadership don't know their asses from the heads.

What would you expect from Germans ..except stalg devices and stalag attittudes to their customers.

Nabeel Mardi