Sunday, October 25, 2009


hahaha i have been in this strange mood lately, well not "strange" but its been a wedding mood for me. i have been looking at dresses, rings, bouquets.. haha fuck i feel so desperate.

i think its the baby. the idea of marriage keeps crossing my mind. people keep asking if my boyfriend and i will be getting married because of the baby, and honestly we arent. lol im not going to marry someone solely because im having a child with them. i want that "ideal" family and i want marriage but not because im having a baby with someone! i hate that everyone assumes we are going to get married because of our baby. lol, fucken losers. we will get married some time in the future. when we both are financially ready for it. lol honestly we were in vegas last christmas and were breaths away from just eloping. haha im semi-glad it didnt happen, not really how i imagined getting married ya know!

we are definitely in love and committed, but theres really no need to rush into marriage. i want a big, fat ass spectacular wedding... i would love to be Mrs. Rodriguez right now now, but im mrs. rodriguez with or without a marriage certificate. so it really dont make a difference to me :)

well this mood isnt very strange to me, i often go through this, i've been obsessed with getting married since i was like 13 years old. haha its all planned out in my head! crazy, yes and i love it :) but i totally thought this would be fun for everyone, cause i knooooooow yall are just as crazy as me!

if i were to get married tomorrow this is exactly how it would be. this is so outta my budget right now, hahaha but a girl can dream cant she.. donnnnt hate! lol

the ring would be from Tacori the 2620 to be exact. this is the ring i want, like i really really want. we are actually going to go look at the setting tomorrow :D! but its rather expensive, so you wont see it on my finger any time soon *sad face*
the dress by Pnina Tornai, 2008 collection (minus the ugly arm thingies)

the bouquet cause i love white lilys

the shoes *drools*

the hair, simple updo

the face would be a combination of these looks, just a simple neutral smokey eye (very neutral!).. and beautiful skin!!!!!

the reception

i could go on for days. i really want to create a scrapbook of my "dream wedding" but i feel like thats taking my crazy to another level. haha i totally wish i could have an unlimited wedding budget, wouldnt everyone love that?! ahhh the things i would do *mind wanders off*. hahaha my boyfriend is sitting next to me and he seems a bit disturbed.

good night for now ladies, i shall continue dreaming about my future wedding :)


Vanilla said...

yeahh shud not make baby as an excuse to get married,its abput u two ready to get married or not
check out that bling bling i also want it !lol
u shud do charlize's makeup !i think blair's just too pale.hehe

Rai said...

You could always go get married & get a marriage license and have a huge wedding later you know? lol

xoladiihoneyxo said...

disturb because he knows he doesn't have the money for it yet. hahha. He should pay for the whole entire wedding! He's the guy, you know? Just my opinion... unless yalls go for the American ways then have fun paying it! A girl can always dream, you know something? I have a whole binder of it and all organize! hahaha. I'm still working on it. I haven't looked at it since Summer. I used my friend, who's engaged, as a reason for having it but obviously... it's for my own use. LOL! we have the same taste ;] Except, for my ring... I want something with diamonds and pearls. hmmmz... I wonder if that can happen? I haven't seen the perfect wedding ring for me yet. Maybe my hunnie will see it. haha. I want a big wedding too! But I don't have much friends anymore so who on earth is going to attend!? *sad face* Family members do not take up 1,000 seats. HAHAHAHA. Oh, I'm such a big dreamerrrr.

Honestly, you two are bond with each other's life forever because of the baby! I don't think you two need to get married yet! I have a couple of friends who have babies and yet they aren't married to their boyfriends (or exbfs). lol.

blahhhh, I love wedding stuff and babies!! =[

R.C. said...

OMG girl congrats on the pregnancy! Damn I'm so left in the dark! I am so happy for you! That is freakin' amazing! Don't worry, you will get that dream wedding... all in good time lova...


hey girl!

remember me?

i was wondering if you ever recieved the package? i know its been a while but i'm just wondering if it reached alaska.