Wednesday, October 07, 2009


i went to Sallys Beauty Supply on sunday to get some hair dye to do my sisters hair. she had these nasty blonde chunks in her hair and they were getting all orange and shit, we had to do something about it. she did the whole bottom panel of her hair blonde and a chunk in her bangs (this was like in june) but the stylist did a shitty job, and the blonde was more disgusting orange than anything. but she lived with it until now, so we just dyed everything a dark brown, and it actually turned out really well, especially considering it was my first time doing a home dye. lol i have heard horror stories, so i made sure to be super careful. she likes it and now she doesnt look so trashy with that nasty blonde out of her hair, lol. i should've done some before and after photos, sucky! but i will make sure to get some next time, im trying to find another victim to let me dye their hair. its seriously addicting!

the entire dye kit was super inexpensive too. the dye itself was around $3.00, the developer was around $4.00, and we bought a little bottle to make the application easier for like $1.89.t otal for getting her hair did $8.89. i know some box dyes could have been cheaper, but i wanted to experiment! haha yay for being a cosmetic scientist :)!

while i was there i also picked up some stuff for myself

teaser brush $4.99
i seriously dont know how i lived my life without this! i dont tease my hair often for 2 reasons: 1. its hella arms get super tired and 2. i never get good results anyways, so much work...for nothing. but this teaser brush is super easy to use and you get a great tease in a fraction of the time. *thumbs up!*

bump it! $9.99
seriously awesome. i always try to get volume in my hair, or to do a decent bouffant, and i am never ever successful. i was pretty hesitant looking at it in the store, but i decided to give it a try anyways. i completely love it :) look at all the volume i get (fyi, i just use the clip to keep my hair outta my face, it does nothing for volume)! it comes with 3 size "bump its" and im wearing the medium size one. *thumbs up*

& last but not least i got a tresemme 24 hour hold hairspray. i think its called the tres two extra hold.. but it was like $2.99, seriously good deal for such a huge can of hairspray. will definitely last me a life time, haha since i dont really use hair products much. <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 500px; height: 214px;" src="" alt="" border="0">

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KRYSTAL said...

ketmany! i loOove ur fotd =] and ive always wanted to try "bumpits"!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I've been wanting to try bumpits but I get lazy to even pick up the product when I see it to purchase it because my hunnie will yell at me x_x lol. and wow on the experience with your sisters hair! haha. yay for Nee!! Sometimes, hair stylist shouldn't even get paid as much when they do such bad jobs!!! I have family members who's in the beauty field but at least they do a good job -____- I can never pull off a smokey eye look. blahhhh. you look like a badass in the last picture. hahaha. random but I like your lip color =]

misscindee said...

i love this shade of forest green on u. perfect for autumn! =) also congrats on ur pregnancy.

Jasmin said...

Cute!! Bump it!! I barely use mine; it doesn't stick to my hair sometimes. hahhaa.. I love it though. Love the eyeshadow colors.

YingX said...

i agree, your pregnancy glow is beautiful!

tiff said...

You look gorgeous! Your eyeshadow application is flawless. I love the bumpit too! I'll probably only ever use the medium sized one though.

Anonymous said...

Ketmany your so beautiful! and i see the glow:)) and you remember me, thats so sweet! had to start a new blog.

Krystia said...

Wicked cute look Ket, digging the green smokey eye and soft lip colour, awesome hair!