Monday, October 05, 2009


i was reading Laura's blog Under The Sheets-shh and she had just done a post about what makes her feel feminine. i totally loved the post! so i decided to do my own list, especially since i havent been feeling so great about my body lately, lol.

i feel feminine when...

  1. im naked. im no nudist, but i like to be naked, or in as little clothes as possible. lol
  2. i wear pencil skirts! theyre the shit, and i love the super short ones!
  3. im stompin' around in my stilettos, like seriously who doesnt feel feminine in 4+ inch stilettos?
  4. i have a french tip manicure & pedicure. this is like ultra feminine in my book
  5. i see my shoulders. i love wearing my hair up and pulled back. i love the way my shoulders look all bare and exposed lol
  6. im pregnant. i have never felt more like a woman, the belly is just so cute!
  7. i wear super duper glossy lips. i super over pack my gloss cause i love a nice plump and shiny lip
  8. i wear push up bras. lol i love the look of cleavage! not like big double D's cleavage.. lol just like cute C's cleavage.
  9. i wear skinny jeans :) i looove them, especially very tight skinny jeans
  10. i have on mascara. if i dont do my eyes or really put the much effort in my face i love looking at super thick, plush, lengthy lashes.. nothings better.

now tell me ladies what makes you feel feminine?


Vanilla said...

totally agree with u !except the pregnant one,i dunno how it feels

Aralka said...

I like mascara too ^^
And I want to have a cute baby :<

Rai said...

Heels for sure... and a tight dress! lol