Friday, October 09, 2009


i love being pregnant, ah well its really a love/hate relationship. lol some days i look in the mirror and im just like, AHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK!? :( haha but i seriously dont think anything is cuter than a baby bump.

hahaha can you see how hairy my arms are, i seriously can knit myself a sweater. holy shit *shamed*

but the best part of being pregnant is the boobies! i finally have the boobies i have been dreaming of paying for. haha dont judge me! yes, i want breast implants, not sure if i will ever get them, but i long for them. yes, i wanna be fake and i will fucking love it. so suuuuuuck it!

i dont mean to whore myself out via blogger, but i gotta enjoy them while i can. i have always wondered what breast implants feel like. i dont really know anyone who has them, so can anyone tell me!? i wonder about how different they feel from natural breast, i know it will be different.. but how much different? im so curious!

i mean i know its not for everyone and i know plenty of people who are against them.. what do you think of them? do you have them, and if not, would you ever get them?

honestly, i never thought i would want them and i dont want them cause i need them to make me feel better about myself, or cause my boyfriend wants me to have bigger boobs haha. i want them cause i would just like them bigger. im normally a 30A (pre-pregnancy) im like a 30B right now 5 months pregnant.. and theyre just getting bigger. i dont want them to be huge.. lol but i like them where they are. to me getting bigger boobs is like getting a hair cut or dying my hair, just more expensive and requires healing time, hahaha . its just something i would do cause i want to. i could care less what anyone else thought!

what are your thoughts about fake breast and the people who want/have them?


Vanilla said...

4 months to go !hehe
i definitely dont want breast implant,im afraid it might hurts.hehe.but if anyone have it,sure its their own choice,as long as they feel comfortable and it causes no harm

xoladiihoneyxo said...

To be honest, I don't really much care for it. haha. I wouldn't get them because my boobs are good size enough, plus... squishy boobs! lol. fake boobs are hard, from what I heard. I don't know anyone who has fake boobs but I know people who know others who have fake boobs. lol.

Aralka said...

You are pregnant? Wow, it's great.
In future I want to have 2 daughters.
Good Luck and Take Care <3

Jasmin said...

Awwww.. Preggers! :-) How exciting!!! Hmm..Breasts implants.. I actually wanted to get them years ago, but it's so expensive & I ended up growing some.. HAHAHA.. I guess because my friends wanted them too, I ended up thinking about it. I know a couple of friends who have done it, and they're super cute & they look fab! Nothing wrong with it. As for me, a bit scared. haha

Anonymous said...

Girl, your shit is NOT a 30B cause I'm a 32B and my shit DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THAT! They look freaking huge I love them!!! lol! I always wanted implants also but it's only a dream :( I read in a magazine that if you get implants, your milk duds won't produce as much milk for your baby & sometimes you lose sensation of your nipples. (which can be bad for some people) It's really up to you. Hope everything goes well!

WIFEY INE. said...

I plan on getting implants once we leave alaska. i'm going back to las vegas to get them done though. i'm doing it for no one but me. i've breastfed 3 babies, 2 of them for over a year so i think i deserve them. the girls don't look the same way as they once did so it's just a mommy fix i guess. :) i think plastic surgery is ok if you're in a healthy frame of mind and don't want to fix every single flaw that you have, over and over again. whatever makes YOU happy.

p.s. my boobies got up to a C cup at my end of my pregnancies and right after. once your milk comes in, they'll be huge! but they'll hurt. :(

Aralka said...

So you are going to have a boy?
Don't worry, you will be happy too and you two or 3 (with your hus) will have many nice moments.
Having a baby boy is also great I think!
Maybe I am too young to think about child, but I do. I want to have a child. hehe

Take Care Sweetie

Krystia said...

Cute blouse, earrings, and ring! I don't know about implants, but I have huge breasts [not bragging] and sometimes you love'm, but other times ya hate'm and wish that they would be smaller so I wouldn't have to wear an ultra supportive bra all the freaking time buh!
How odd; you want them bigger and i would prefer them a tad smaller!