Monday, March 30, 2009



went to eat korean food, i think baby was craving it lol he must have my baby in him :) but it was sooo yummy as always. service always sucks, cause their koreans lol but it was good cant hate on that. then baby,me& my sister went to watch "the haunting in connecticut". for a pg13 movie, that shit was scarey lol. baby was hella freaking out, hella hugging me and jumpy; it was quite hilarious! he would grip my hand hella hard and then be mad at me cause his hand hurt, lol hes too cute. what a loser! my sister got pretty freaked out too, she couldnt sleep and shit hahaha. sorry asses, i will never watch another scarey movie with them.


baby went to work and i was fucking trapped with my parents all day. lol they crack me up, but they're pretty annoying, took me on a fucking laos tour and shit. ugh i hate lao people... but they bought me hella snacks. yummmy :)

mommy & i went on a little house hunting mission. i saw the cutest house on price street & i want it bad lol while we were out fucking ash started falling! got all in my eye and my mouth, so digusting. i wanted to run to the store to pick up masks, but decided to go home instead. spent the rest of the weekend inside, literally. from saturday night to monday morning i never left the house. exciting, i know

omg and i cleaned our room. holy shit its amazing. haha i can actually see the floor and the corners, its a beautiful thang.


happy 6 month anniversary baby! haha we both hella forgot, were laying in bed last night around 1am and he pops up like... oh it was our anniversary! haha he was tryna front like he knew all along and was waiting for me to remember, haha so gay. we literally spent the whole day doing nothing, we took a little nap together and then he played games all day. lol hes so romantic, i know. dont be jealous :D

we watched marley&me last night. super cute movie, definitely something you can cuddle up to. it made me hella sad though, with the whole miscarriage thing in the movie, it really hit home for me and brought back all kinds of feelings and shit i wasnt tryna think about. since it happened i've just been pushing it to the back of my head trying not to think about it and it all came crashing down on me. i just laid in bed and cried in babys arms<3>

baby works all day so imma be bored tonight. i guess i'll be productive and do some laundry. currently at work and bored. talking to baby on aim and snacking on my special k fruits&yogurt cereal. yesssss i eat cereal dry, im lactose intolerant. i dont fuck with milk. ommmmg its so fucking good & its super healthy.