Friday, March 20, 2009


i dyed my hair for the first time in november '08 and i liked it. i had always had this fear of dying my hair, i swore i never would. then jon convinced me to do it lol, the things you do for love. goodness. i had thought about going back to my lovely natural black hair, but jon seemed to cringe at the idea. so i shall dye it again & now that im not pregnant i dont have to wait a whole lifetime until i can do it. i may even do it myself... yes i think i will try and do it myself. i mean, whats the worse that can happen? ok...a lot actually, but lets not freak ourselves out.

so, i have done the "research" (googled everything :D ) and i dont think its a good idea to do my hair myself. haha just because my hair is so dark, the store brand dye will never show up. even when i got my hair done at the salon in november it took HELLA long for the color to get as nice as it did. lol, bit definitely going back to the red. i thought about blonde, but it would just make me look like some import model wanna-be. ehhh whatever.