Monday, March 23, 2009


AHHHHHHHHHHH! we are so going to die, well according to mei atleast. haha mt. redoubt erupted last night 3/22/2009 at 10:38pm and has erupted 5 times since then. luckily the winds are carrying the ash away from anchorage, so there isnt any ash expected to fall onto anchorage. but i bet all the white people here are freeaking out, running to walmart and costco buying up all kinds of supplies and shit. calm the fuck down people! lol fucking retards. everyone was expecting to miss work & school, but sadly we all have to continue our lives like normal. gay.

but for anyone north of anchorage: talkeetna, willow and surrounding areas of denali national park, please stay safe. stay indoors and keep your pets indoors. no need to stock up on supplies or freak out, only a light amount of ash is expected to fall... all the heavier stuff has already falled down the side of the volcano. be smart people!

yesterday was a fun day for us :) we went out to dinner with one of my oldest friends kristina and it was nice. we ate pizza at nino's, lol jon ordering a pizza is hilarious. him and his ridiculous $31 pizza and we only ate 2 slices. haha it was yummy though, too bad our waitress was a completely ridiculous idiot. it was nice to catch up and hang out again. i hate it when you lose touch with people you were once so close with. kristina and i have been friends since the 6th grade, thats like 10 years now!
we also watched know1ng. i liked it, it was a little ridiculous but enjoyable. it was really sad too. i know it has some really mixed reviews, but its one of those movies you just have to see for yourself. haha i love the scene where the people were going hella crazy and taking hella shit from the gas station. i totally imagined that happening here when i heard mt. redoubt has erupted. lol