Friday, March 27, 2009


it snowed again this morning, it was pretty snow too. the light, fluffy, makes you wanna make a snow ball kind of snow. it would have been nice if it were earlier in winter, but it is fucking March ok, i want the snow to be over with. it needs to hurry up and melt away so i can wear sandals and so my car can be clean and stay clean. goodness! look at my foot prints in the snow, how cute is that. but then there my disgustingly dirty car haha damnit. anyways...

fuck the world and their lies. hella told me ash wasnt expecting to fall onto anchorage. south side of anchorage is experiencing trace amounts of ash, so i guess i need to stop by wal-mart and pick up masks for the family. im going to look so sexy in my ash mask. lol i shall post pictures after i buy them tonight.

in better news, baby bought me a cute ass hello kitty necklace. i got the package yesterday & i love it. my boyfriends the best, fuck the rest :) now im just waiting for the second one to get here, but we ordered it on ebay and its shipping from hong kong. its going to take forever to get here <3