Wednesday, March 25, 2009


its not that i dont believe in planning things out, but honestly i have lost faith in it. or atleast, i had lost faith in it. timmy used to always get my hopes up for shit: "imma take you to the Bay this weekend" or "lets go for dinner & a movie" like the simplest shit would fall through just cause he never cared enough. he was such a douchebag.

but ever since jon has been in my life he hasnt let me down yet. any time he says we'll go somewhere we always do, or we'll do something we always do. hes consistent and i love it. i was so used to getting let down that i didnt expect anything different from him, but hes always been so good at proving me wrong. im such a lucky girl.

anyways.. im trying to plan a trip for us. either for our 1 year anniversary or maybe for next spring. it depends on how things work out financially, but i know this is definitely something that will happen. the details are still in the works, researching destinations and activities, tryna figure out how much everything will cost and how long it will take us to save. but im excited, i cant wait. i want us to experience everything together, it'll help us grow and bond more as a couple.

this is where i want to go. Bangkok, Thailand <3
i thought about japan and going to tokyo. i knew we would have fun there, but neither of us speak japanese.. so it may be more hassle than leisure. so i thought maybe thailand, i speak thai so it wouldnt be so hard to navigate our way around the country, plus theres so much to do. definitely want to hang around bangkok then go to phuket then chiang mai and everything else inbetween. everythings cheap there and we'd have a great time. i also considered going somewhere in the US or atleast closer to home, Canada or Mexico, but i dont know. thailand is just calling to me... we shall see.