Monday, April 27, 2009


hella late, lol but here are so pictures from my bff's sons 1st birthday party. i dont know if she'll be ok with me posting pictures of her child on my blog, so im not going to post any pictures that have children in it, haha sorry perverts! maybe next time. seriously though, she had like the yummiest cake ever at that party. i never eat cake at birthdays & i ate 2 slices of this one. delicious!

i swear this is like the best picture of us ever, haha usually our tripod pictures are all jacked up cause one of these losers will just look ugly. but really though, i been through everything with these two brother & sister, and through it all we've stuck by each others sides. ironic that mei & i hated each other for 2 years and then have been the best of friends for the past 3 year. we've had our fair share of exciting adventures and devestating let downs, but everytime one of us falls the other two are always there to pick 'em up. we're a tripod & a package deal. you cant have one without the other 2 lol. im blessed to have found such great friends.

gosh, such a cute picture of us. lol we're like the biggest picture whores ever.

i looove my baby hes the best. how could i not love him? look at his pretty little face! haha its pretty gross that everyone says we look a like, people asked if we were brothers and sisters all the time, ewwww.

so i swear this is going to be the longest and most random post ever, lol sorry in advance if i bore ya! im at work.. ha, im always at work when i blog. & this is what entertains my time. i've become addicted with blogging and reading blogs. i think im following like 15 blogs, lol definitely keeps me amused at my desk. thank you!

so an update on my Paypal situation, they denied my claim and i want to set them on fire. ahhaha not really, but i am angry about it. hopefully my banks & the police can do better than paypal did. paypal sucks, i am never going to use them ever again. im going back to ikobo!

& im still waiting on my palettes from china, ugh i hate international shipping. hopefully they get here before saturday, i got prom faces to do! i also got my nails done on saturday, i looove them. i swore i would keep my natural nails.. no more gel nails. then all my nails broke and chipped, and i remembered why i loved my gel nails so much. lol i ended up doing my toes myself, i like pedicures but i hate people touching my feet. i'll show pictures later :)


R.C. said...

awwww ;) you guys are sooo cute! hahahaha... people used to ask me and my ex if we were related... it was soooo disgusting ;P