Wednesday, April 01, 2009


jon&i have been trying to get one for a long time, and its been difficult. finally, something works out for us, we have two little babies on the way. no, not like his sperm + my egg kind of baby, lol. i mean doggies!

this is jons little girl. shes a 7 week old chihuahua and fox terrier mix & shes soooo pretty. shes chocolate and cream. jon loves her baby face lol. he has decided to call her " MOCHA "... totally stole the idea from me. lol we are bringing her home on saturday after she gets her first shots. excited.

this is my little baby. hes a cream sable pomeranian and hes so effin cute! i havent thought of a name for him yet, but i will i still have 4 weeks until i can bring him home plenty of time to think of a proper name. *ponders*


Sonya said...

Your puppy is cute :)