Friday, April 17, 2009


my new years resolution this year was to be good with money, to get my credit cards paid off and start saving, like a responsible person would do.. and so far this year has been good for me. i've paid off 2 credit cards and by september (maybe even earlier) my debt will be eliminated. i havent bought much, literally i havent bought anything which is amazing for me... other than gas & food all my money goes to bills. i've resisted the lure of makeup, handbags, clothes and shoes. literally everything i love so much. i've even given up my pricey department store brands for drug store brands (which isnt really a bad thing) i traded in my beloved Chanel Matte Lumiere ($56) for Revlons Color Stay foundation ($11.00). i've even given up my Clinique skin care regimen ($45) for a L'oreal skin care set ($25), honestly i've been cutting back and saving money left and right. but fighting my addiction to shopping has not been easy. i was itching to buy something, anything and i finally caved... these are my purchases:

Steve Madden Maddie pumps. i know i dont need another pair of heels, but they were sooo cute on my feet and they're very very sexy. i dont really like animal print shoes or bags, but i am guilty of owning a beautiful python bag. haha plus, they were like more than 50% off, normally $109.95, how do you say no to that!? its impossible. haha i got them for $40

then i caved and bought the "coastal scents" palettes. i put "coastal scents" because they buy them in bulk from china and redistibutes them at a higher cost plus shipping cost... i ordered mine from ebay for $36 with free shipping! for both, and while its going to take a bit longer to get here, but i saved a few bucks. i've been wanting these for months but resisted the temptation. i finally caved cause prom is coming up next month and im going to need to do makeup for my sister and her friends. i didnt wanna hit mac or walmart to buy a million different shadows, so these palettes are like a one stop shop. i got the 120 palette and the neutral palette, both arent available on the coastal scents site at the moment . haha i havent bought makeup, like seriously purchased makeup in a long time, so this definitely will scratch my itch for a while. yaaaaaay ;)


Sonya said...

If you like shoes like that sweetie, then you need to sign up for Shoe Dazzle. It's Kim Kardashian shoe thing, and all the shoes are that type of style. You'd be in shoe heaven :)