Thursday, April 23, 2009


yesterday was administrative professionals day.. er whatever and my boss had promised to buy the office lunch, haha he totally forgot. but.. he did pull through and got us lunch today. i got a "hot philly" from straight outta philly and its really yummy! i normally dont like phillies, but i definitely enjoyed this. lol its like a standard philly on a hoagie, it has the Philadelphia steak, grilled onions, green bell peppers, jalapenos, and cheese. all kinds of deliciousness. i feel like such a fatty.

we brought home baby #2, a beautiful cream male pomeranian. which we have named Leche (like the spanish word for milk, cause hes creamy) but needless to say my parents are not very happy with it. well not my mom shes in love with him. my dad is super pissed and said i could only keep one dog, but i refuse to rehome my little baby. i love him, cause hes so cute and fat! haha leche and mocha are progressively getting along, shes a little agressive and hes more timid, but its getting better. its just not that easy for me to just give him away. i've already promised him a home, how can i just give him away. my heart just wont let me do it.

ohhh & im bored so heres this picture: FOTD well not today, it was from last saturday lol but this is the look i wore to aesons party. i looove the mac stars & rockets eyeshadow. i've had it for like 2 years now and i've just started to use it. haha its a pretty purple-pink shimmery kinda color. if you dont have it definitely go get it because its amazing. if u blend it with black then it makes a beeeeautiful dark purple color. definitely a versatile eyeshadow, great for day & night looks. (btw, iknow its a crappy picture haha i took it with my sidekick)

revlon color stay foundation (haha i cant remember what color i use)
revlon color stay pressed powder in light medium
Chanel blush

MAC painterly paint pot
cover girl e/s in champagne
MAC e/s in stars & rockets
MAC e/s in Print
Almay black eyeliner
MAC plush lash mascara

Victoria Secrets beauty rush soothing lip balm
MAC lipstick in Blankety (amplified)
& MAC Florabundance lipglass <33


Sarah said...

awwww your puppies are so adorable! you definitely shouldn't give him up he is way too cute lol and your makeup is so pretty, i wish i could pull off a bright pink color like that!

Sarah said...

hi there! just wanting to let you know I did swatches of my barrym dazzle dusts and posted it!