Wednesday, April 15, 2009


ughhhhh i've had my paypal account for almost 4 years now and i've always had a really good experience with them, but today i come to find out someone has hacked my account and has fradulantly charged over $500 on my credit card & debit card. secure my ass.

so i've called paypal & my bank to get it taken care of, but its gonna take 10 business days.. are you fucking serious. i need that money to pay bills, my car payment is due at the end of the week, WTF. i want to kill someone. i just cant believe this could happen to me, this is some bullshit.

i cant wait to find out who did this to me. it better be some random internet shit, cause if its someone i know, imma fuck you up. im so angry, my hand was shaking while i was on the phone with paypal. hurry up and give me my money back!!!

soo everyone take this as a warning, please keep an eye on all of your internet accounts, dont keep your credit card or bank information saved anywhere! ya never know who will steal it. nothing is "secure" or "safe"


Sonya said...

10 days is standard procedure. Just be happy it wasn't more than $500 honey!! I hope everything is ok with that :)