Thursday, April 09, 2009


i recently caught chatter of my favorite show possibly getting cancelled. im outraged! i know that NBC has been having some crummy ratings this season, but dont cancel my Chuck! its only in its 2nd season & its a great show. i thought it was going really strong. it has a great demographic! im going to have to start a "save chuck" foundation or something. grrr

this sucks, every time i like a show on NBC they cancel it, same thing happened with The Black Donnlleys, the only show i love that they've kept is Law & Order. well NBC if u cancel Chuck, you'll definitely be hearing from me. & i dont write nice letters (jk... not really) haha. this show that is definitely worth watching & im a loyal follower. my boyfriend & i get excited everytime a new episode is released. i hope that if it does get tragically cancelled that another network will pick it up. *crossing my fingers*

NBC, you can suck it!


Sonya said...

Yayyy you fixed it!!

Sonya said...

I have never seen Chuck : But I love Law & Order

Why do I think it's so funny you live in Sarah Palin's state? God I can't stand that lady. No offense to you, if you like her...he he