Friday, May 29, 2009


i was reading Robyns blog today, if you havent seen her blog you definitely need to start following her! i looooove her blog & shes sooo sweet, and shes going on a 2 month shopping ban to save some money. & im totally going to join her. anyone else in?

i am by no means wealthy, but i do love the finer things in life. i work really hard to buy myself the things that i so materialistically love & this love of mine really consumes me and all of my money. lol. seeing how i have to start saving for my vacation anyways its all perfect timing. so from tomorrow forward i will not be buying any:

- cosmetics
- clothing
- accessories
- shoes
- handbags

if i dont need it, and its not a live or die situation i will not buy anything! i'll even cut back on eating out, try saving on gas, and pinching my pennies anyway i can. i should definitely be putting more money towards my bills and my savings than towards the bank accounts of my beloved department stores.

i think i should be ok, considering my massive shopping spree at BEBE & i just got my eyeshadow palettes and a new Chanel foundation.. i should be good for decades (or atleast until my vacation).

so from May 30th to July 30th i promise to not buy any of those items listed!! lets see how much money i can save and how hard this will be. hahaha i feel heavy withdrawl symptoms coming. i'll even document every penny spent and saved on my blog.

** i am not doing this to brag about money & materials, or how much or little i have of it. dont put judgement on me like that. i dont care that you know how much i save or spend, this is just informative for anyone who may find this helpful. if you dont like it, then you can get to steppin, cause i surely dont have any patience or tolerance for drama**

but i definitely feel that in tough economic times like these, whether you are feeling that pinch in your pocket or not, its definitely a good time to reevaluate your savings methods.. or lack of. even if you have billions in the bank, spending a little less and saving a little more wont hurt ya any. so who else is in? maybe 2 months is a little too long for some, but a week or 2, or even a few days, it will definitely make a great difference in your pocket book & for your own piece of mind.

so happy savings everyone, good luck on saving & pray you have will power! ;)

ohhhhh and lets start off everyones weekends with some cuteness. look at my babies, haha i know, i love to whore them out


becky said...

Good luck girl. Its shouldn't be difficult and you'll feel so much better once you have that money saved.

Ive already cut back on buying unnecessary things and I'm doing just fine lol.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I admire your motivation! This is something I could not do if my life depended on it

Rai said...

I don't think I could go 2 whole months. lol But I really want to cut back on things.

Eating out really eats the bank account. And I want to cut back on buying makeup.

But clothes? lol I don't know.
I will attempt at least a whole month. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

R.C. said...

Good luck babe! You will do smashingly! We are in this togetha! ;)

Krystia said...

Adorable pups*_*