Sunday, May 31, 2009


AHHH I CANT POST THE VIDEO! but it is so ridiculously hilarious that i had to share it. totally made me want a frosty :)


so how has everyones weekend gone? i literally didnt sleep all night last night & i strangely feel really good. i went to the mall with my sister today and it was the last day of the Nordstroms half yearly sale for women & kids, but i walked out empty handed. *HIGH FIVE to me*

they had some nice stuff there, but the sales in Anchorage are nothing compared to the sale i normally see in Sacramento. ohhhh how i miss California :(. did anyone else have a chance to stop in to check out the sale? & if you did.. did you get anything GOOD? lol share stories with me, i want to live vicariously through your shopping!

when i was taking pictures last night for Sarahs contest, it totally sunk in that my skin has gone to shit. literally! i've always had issues with acne and my skin in general, but seriously im almost 21 and i have worse acne than when i was 16. its ridiculous, i need to slap myself. the weird thing is i take better care of my skin now that i ever did in high school. my life isnt stressful, so i know its not cause of that.. im just baffled. fuuuuccckkkk adult acne, im not some 13 year old going through puberty. i hate this

so as i was having lunch with my sister we brainstormed various ways to help save my skin. heres a list of things we came up with:
- cut back on soda. (this will help me skin & help save money!)
- drink MORE water
- cut back on makeup (this is going to be the hardest part)
- sleep earlier, try to get a full 6 or more hours a night
- get out into the sun more often
- eat less fatty foods (especially fast foods)

does anyone have any tips i can try to help save my skin? keep in mind that i will not be purchasing any new products, so things i can do for free would be better, but any product suggestions would be very appreciated.. i will add them to my wishlist and possibly purchase after my 2 month challenge.

im thinking im going to do a whole lifestyle change for a month to see if my skin would get better,, documenting my trial and errors.. i guess lol. and yes, this is what i am going to do with my entire summer. set myself on all kinds of challenges and beauty adventures. LOL!

soo help me out lovelies, what are your skincare secrets? what tips do you have to help me improve my skin? and... did ya have a good weekend?!

much love lovelies :)


Diana said...

LOL at 28 seconds!

ah, the only thing i can say is to buy a product, but i don't want to discourage your goal on not spending. bare minerals is awesome!
i was at cosmetologist for years before grad school, and the one thing i would tell my clients is to not touch their face. most breakouts come from that. also to clean their brushes or change sponges.

sorry for the long comment but hope that helps!

Rai said...

LOL. I bet that was hard.

As far as skin, a lot of things can cause acne. Even pollution.
I never had an acne problem but I noticed breakouts earlier this year and I figured it was because of my eating habits. So I cut back.

So just watch what you eat & drink plenty of water. I've been horrible at drinking water lately.

R.C. said...

do masks and scrubs biweekly! I'm sure you have a clay mask somewhere, but if not you can make great skin masks at home! Try mixing combos of granulated white sugar (great as a scrub), honey and lemon juice (great for lightening sun spots and acne scars... also a great peel for skin). Don't worry too much about killing yourself with drinking lots of water - but green tea is a great antioxidant!

I tagged you in my post! Ch ch check it out!

Saimese said...

I always have a problem with drinking a lot of water & eating healthy, but it def helps your skin to do those things. Personally, I've noticed a lot of difference in my skin just by applying homemade masks using products that were already in kitchen! Just use Google to find homemade masks that require products that you can find in your own kitchen

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Omg, I'm having trouble with my skin, I hate it too >_< But I think a lot of my acne is due to stress.