Thursday, May 07, 2009


loooooook jesssica alba has one in red, hoooowww cute.

i've never been good with parting with things that i love, especially not a handbag. haha, i may sound ridiculous but i do build a weird emotional/sentimental bond with my materialistic shit. i bought this bag a while ago, years to be exact, and i've never used it. EVER, it still has the tags and the dustbag... its beautiful. i just dont know why i have never used it.

i had a really bad Coach addiction for a while. i bought up everything they made: handbags, sneakers, heels, key chains, phone lanyards. you name it i have it. buuuut i have been very good and havent bought a handbag since last year in september! wooohooooo and cause Coaches or anything other designers new line up doesnt tickle my fancy.

its a limited edition Coach Python Small Pocket Satchel in lavender. it was released in 2005 and at the time retailed for $1,900 (fucking ridiculous for Coach.. i know) its definitely a collectors item, thats why im having trouble parting with it. its in mint condition (i've never used it), it has the tags (but not attached) and i have a matching patent leather lavender coin purse for it (new & tags attached, never used it either). it has python skin with leather trim, it has front and side kiss lock closure pockets, an outside zip pouch, gold hardware and imported silk lining. but it does show small signs of wear and tear: the purse is 4 years old and even though i've never used it, it is made out of python.. exotic skins wear over time no matter what precautions you take.(i'll post my pictures of it when i get home)

& now financially selling this bag could really help me. i have summer tuition due and it would be nice to have one less bill to worry about, but i would miss this bag. ( i sound stupid i know, dont judge! lol) i mean i dont NEED the money, cause i do work and make enough to cover bills. but it could go towards the 8 grand my boyfriend is dishing out for my engagement ring... so should i sell it?


Sassy Jadore said...

That is a cute bag. It's totally up to u if you decide whether to sell it or not. The thing is if you don't think you're going to use it later on, it might be better to sell it and use the money to purchase something you will use. That's what I'll do. hehe. =)

Cute blog. ^____^

prettii-uglii said...

wow that's some really expensive bag! haha if i were you i prolly wouldn't have used it either. yeah i think you're better off selling it =)
n aww you're soo lucky! 8 grand for an engagement ring?!