Sunday, May 31, 2009


this is my entry to Sarahs Disney Character contest. at first i wanted to do Mulan (cause im asian haha) , but wasnt sure what to do, and so i pulled out my 120 eyeshadow palette and thought Tinkerbell would be a better choice. but i SWEAR i will go Mulan one of these days! lol so heres my go at this...

this definitely isnt a recreation of Tinkerbell. I was inspired by her, not trying to be her, lol . if oooonly i had magical fairy dust or a magic wand to help me out :(

i took these pictures at night, the artificial light makes my skin look like shit & also cause im wearing my revlon color stay foundation instead of my Chanel. i love the revlon, but i actually have to put on concealer & i never do. i hate that extra step, i'll do a proper review of the revlon when th sun comes up a bit more...gooosshhh being lazy is sooo hard :( . so maybe i will try this look again during the day, if i dont get too lazy. im happy with the way my eyes came out though.. thats all that really mattered to me.

with flash:

without flash:
what i used:

Revlon Color Stay foundation in warm golden
Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder in Naturel Translucent 1
Chanel Silky Bronzing Powder in 21 Toundra

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
Lash Blast Mascara
Maybelline liquid liner in black
Almay pencil liner in black
yellow & green e/s from my 120 eyeshadow palette

Victoria Secrets Soothing Lip Balm (loooove this stuff)
NYC lipstick in petal

nail color is by OPI. cant remember the name, but its the pink color from their South Beach collection. i'll update when i get out of bed. sooo lazy right now. this look is definitely nothing i would wear day to day, but the longer i had it on the more i liked it (for everyday wear).

so tell me, how brave are you when it comes to wearing BOLD makeup out in publi? frankly, im quite scared, im a plain jane. lol.. ah i must find some balls


becky said...

i love that pop of yellow on the lids. Its such a pretty look!

R.C. said...

you are so cute! I love wearing fierce makeup during the day... you stand out so much more ;) Love the color of your nails! I'm totally digging the coral color this summer! Rock it girl!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah you did also tinkbell weeeeh! nice blending girly! am following your beauty! :P

Chomsiri said...

i like your tinker bell look! the color also reminds me of sprite can! :) hahaha good luck! <3

Sarah said...

You look absolutley amazing!!! What a gorgeous Tinkerbell you make!!! You should defin. wear bright eye makeup out and about, it looks fantastic on you!!! Thankyou soooo much for entering gorgeous :)

Rai said...

Love the colors! You should wear them more often.

I don't mind wearing bold colors at all. You should try it out. :]

Narita said...

Hi, girl! Thanks for participating in my giveaway!
Great job! Good luck!

Krystia said...

So cool of you to step out of the norm! Loves it!