Friday, May 01, 2009


i know some people arent down with fake nails, and for the longest time that was me. i think the first time i got fake nails... i was like 18. haha and ever since i've been hooked. i do occassionally get tired of them and let my natural nails take over, but i hate the chipping, breaking & tearing of natural nails. no matter what i do, theyre just not as durable as my gel nails.

i normally get my typical white french tips, then fell in love with black tips. i think i rocked black tips almost all year round in 2008... it was so cute! but this time around i decided to get something different, something a little brighter and bolder for spring. the initial color was a red-orange. i thought it was PERFECT for spring. a loud punch of color, well jon saw them and hated them. lol he said they were too bright, so i got some nice red polish and re-did my tips. heres the final product (as i promised in my previous post:

and like i said before, i love pedicures, but hate strangers touching my feet. haha im not even comfortable with my boyfriend touching my feet, i hate it when he looks at them! lol i dont have some nasty foot fungus or eagle talon toes or anything like that, i just dont like people to look or touch them.. is that weird? so i went home and gave myself a pedicure. didnt i do a good job?

sorry for the crappy quality pictures, i've been digicamera less & my sidekick doesnt take the best quality pictures. besides, i was at work and the natural sunlight in my office makes up for the poor camera quality. buuuuuuut heres some cuteness to start off your weekends. baby Leche is just passed out, hes forever sleeping just like his daddy.


R.C. said...

Nice color - cutie doggie!!! ;)... I used to do dark purple tips - fake nails were great when I worked as a bartender - never broke!!!

SwatchCrazee said...

i've only worn fake nails once. i got some from the drugstore that i hv yet to use. any tips on how to keep them glued on? mine breaks off all the time. lol!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I also LOVE fake nails! <3

Yours look really cute