Monday, May 18, 2009


so this is the "official" wish list, lol. i know its a little early, cause my birthday isnt until August 6th... but who says i cannnnnt? no one. haha so anyone who thinks im ridiculous can suck it hard! <3

The Vivienne Tam HP Mini Netbook. this thing is seriously delicious.

The Canon Rebel EOS XS

a vacation :) *** jons parents bought us tickets to sacramento so we can spend my birthday there. YAY!!

since i wasnt blessed enough to have my baby this year, i wanted doggies for my birthday, and cause i missed my komi bear so much and this is what i got :D

mwuahhah theyre so cute & so bad, goodness. Mocha is my little Chihuahua-Fox Terrier mix & Leche is my precious Pomeranian. i loove them to pieces. my boyfriend is truely the greatest EVER!

&&&& i want my engagement ring! my finger is so naked. soo baby ( i know you're reading this) i want my ring now! lol


Jenn said...

that ring is bling. okay, sorry i just had to say it :P.. and OMG your doggie is SO CUTE. it looks like a baby bear!! and the canon rebel xs is a nice choice.. i have the older version (xt) and its so worth it.

Rai said...

Is never to early for a wish list.

LOL! That Pomeranian does look like a little bear.
Our neighbors across the street have one and it's not cute at all.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I don't think you're rediculous at all, I love your wish list! Everything is so awesome. :) Your puppies are so adorable & you're so lucky to get a trip to Cali for your bday.