Monday, May 04, 2009


the wind was fucking with my hair, lol

so this past saturday was prom. not for me, haha im years past the phase in my life, but it was my sisters first prom. she got invited to go to the junior/senior prom (shes a sophomore) and she was uber excited! i did her hair and makeup, coordinated her outfit & it was all so much fun for the both of us. kinda made me wanna get all dolled up and go too, lol

yes, shes taller than me... even without the heels. haha its a crying shame i tell you! & she has all the curves and bootyliciousness mother nature deprived me of, LMFAO. but all is good in the hood. ohhh they grow up so fast, i swear i was just at her 6th grade graduation.. and now shes off to her first prom? ohhh goodness

sorry i didnt get any pictures of her makeup, i was in such a rush. i had to do hair and makeup for three girls. my arm was so tired from all the hair curling!

Her face:
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish/Natural in Medium/Dark (her very first foundation and it makes her skin look so amazing. its matte & really helps cause her skin is madd oily)
Chanel bronzer

Mac painterly paint pot (base)
Nyx eyeshadow in silver
and 2 brown shadows from my 28 neutral pallete.

nyc pink lipstick
nyc pink gloss

dress: adriana papell, shoes: borrowed from my cousin, earrings: kohls, clutch: target, bracelets & headband: claires,


adelina<3 said...

May 31st =]

Anonymous said...

Hi Ketmany!=] You did a good job with the hair and make up.. I absolutely love her dress!!!

They do grow up so fast right? hehehe I met my bf's sister when she was just 10 and now she's going to prom!!! hehe.