Saturday, May 09, 2009


**warning: this is a very long post & a little picture heavy**

so lets start with some good news :) i found out last month that im getting promoted at work! i was super excited and i dont actually get promoted until May 22, but its definitely something to look forward to. best thing is i got a pay raise with my promotion and even though i havent taken over the inventory manager position yet, they've already started paying me at my higher hourly rate. HELL YES! i love my job

on to better things! here are my latest beauty huals. i know im not supposed to, but i gotta celebrate some how.

my 120 pro palette from ebay. it took 3 weeks to get here, but definitely worth the wait. i got it at a super great price ($19.99, free shipping) so how could i not buy it, right? and i know im a little late on this, cause everyone and their mom already has it. so im not going to do a review on it because everyone knows its a great palette. the shadows have such great pigment, but one of my black eyeshadows did come broken so i'll do a future post on how to fix that.

with flash
without flash .. lol can u see my toe?! haha thats so disgusting.

the next addition to my makeup arsinal is the 28 neutral palette. i loooove this palette. the colors are great and definitely useful for my work face everyday. i also used this palette for my sister & her friends prom looks. such a lovely palette. i got it on ebay for $20 with free shipping, took about 2 weeks to get to alaska.

with flash

without flash

Now onto reviews!

i have this outrageous love affair with Chanel. i've been using them since i was 16. i started with the DOUBLE PERFECTION COMPACT in medium beige and have been devoted to them for years. i was obsessed with their entire cosmetic line and never EVER used any other products. it was Chanel everything! but in the past year i ventured out and tried MAC, CLINIQUE, REVLON, SHISEIDO, SHU EUMURA and a handful of other products, and i still say nothing compares to my Chanel <3
my all time favorite is the MATTE LUMIERE in beige, i've been using it since i first tried in fall of 2006, but this new LIFT LUMIERE is definitely giving it some competition. but Nordstroms was out of Beige in the MATTE LUMIERE (as always. seriously anytime i go there.. in any nordstroms, theyre out of it!) but the MUA recommended i try the new LIFT LUMIERE foundation from Chanel. it has the same matte finish, but it also has lifting? idk.. i was just like.. WTF? ok lady whatever. lol now i've tried all of their liquid foundations. the PRO LUMIERE, MATTE LUMIERE, and the VITA LUMIERE SATIN. sooooo heres my review:

what the product claims:
More than a foundation, this unique formula is the consummate skin-caring makeup. Not only does it beautifully even out your skin tone as it helps deliver essential hydration, but firming polymers also provide skin with an impeccably smooth surface and the look and feel of an immediate 'lift.'

Price: $65 for 1 fluid oz.

what i loved:
- it has a matte finish
- the color is dead-on with my skin tone
- its medium to buildable coverage
- SPF 15!
- it works perfecting with my chanel loose powder

what i hate:
- the price! $65 is hard to swallow for a foundation especially for anyone on a budget
- the Chanel line doesnt offer a large selection of foundation shades

overall i would definitely buy this product again. it is more hydrating than the other foundations in its LUMIERE family and with my dry skin i need it, but at $65 (versus the $54 for the other lumiere foundations) i think its a bit over priced. while the new LIFT LUMIERE comes in a completely plastic container, rather than the typical glass and it does appear to be larger. they're all just 1 fluid ounces of beautiful foundation. and i dont know whats up with the whole "lifting" aspect of this foundation but i love it, but i definitely dont recommend anyone to splurge on it.

next review: the KISS TOENAILS

i bought this for my sister when i did her prom look, her left big toe nail is half broken (its too much to explain lol) but i couldnt just give her a pedicure so i got these and glued them on cause she was wearing open toed shoes. so i just filed, trimmed and painted these fake ones and glued them onto her natural toenails. they were wonderful!

what the product claims:

Kiss Nail Tips Are Natural Looking Durable and Easy to Remove. Used By Professionals Kiss Nail Tips Are The Number One Choice

price: $6.45 .. around there. they were cheap.

where to purchase:
wal-mart. walgreen.. etc

what i liked:
- you get 96 little nails in a variety of sizes
- its cheap
- super easy to use

what i didnt like:
- the toenail sizes are kinda large and long. so theres a bit of filing and cutting needed

overall i would definitely buy again.. if i ever needed to, but i highly doubt it. the nails are still on her toes now (an entrie week later) so they definitely are worth the money! i would definitely reccommend these.


Sarah said...

ahhh i'm so jealous you got the natural palette! i'm waiting till next month to get mine. sooo excited :)

iambeautiful20 said...

COngratulations on the promotion. Hard work was recpgnized right? I have that 120 palette and it really great. Some of the shadows are a miss for me though and too chalky but some are amazingly pigmented and bright. Oh and Ive been wanting the neutral palette. A cousin of mine was supposed to get me one for xmas. I dunno what happened lol.

Wow so ur a Chanel girl huh? The foundation you were talking about sounds really promising. Maybe ill save for it lol. Thanks for sharing the info with us :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I seen these toenails at the store but I've never bought them because it seems strange to me to glue stuff to my toes.
Idk why, but it just seems kind of weird - even though I know I love doing my finger nails.

hiolivejuicee said...

what days your birthday :)

hiolivejuicee said...

mines the 4th! :)

R.C. said...

love the nails, and have fun with all that eyeshadow!!! It will last you a lifetime!!! :)

Jenn said...

congrats on your promotion! the neutral eye palette is love. how's the color payoff?

Anonymous said...

wow i love the red tips...theyre HOT! and thanks for the award miss

Rai said...

I really, really want that 28 palette. I just rather not buy it on Coastal Scents. =/

Krystia said...

I am totally going nuts over this 120 & 28 e/s Palettes now! They are gorgeous, I hope that you enjoy them and get good use from them. If not, you can always send them to me kay, lol.
But what I wanted to ask about was the 'Kiss' Nail Tips; have you tried the ones for fingernails, and if so, how are they like?