Friday, May 22, 2009


i resisted nordstroms half yearly sale, but fell victim to the sale going on at BEBE yesterday. i went in, totally not intending on buying anything.. then i saw this gorgeous little black dress. so i tried it on, just to humor myself.. ugh im so stupid :(

of course, it fit perfectly & i loved it. so i had to buy it. luckily yesterday BEBE was having this outrageous sale. spend $300, get $100 off! i really didnt want to, but Jon insisted that i find $300 worth of stuff. gosh, im so spoiled! love you baby!

i thought about modeling all of the clothes i got, but i dont have a tripod & jons at work.. so it was really hard to take pictures of myself. hahhaha LAME! but i did get some good photos of the dress <3

what i got at BEBE yesterday:
- black tie dye racer back tank $39.00
- black cotton lace top $69.00
- black "Daliah" dress $159.00
- white grecian knot bubble hem top $49.00

Total: $316.00
Discount: -$100
Paid: $216.00

its all bad i know, but i really cant say no to a sale. i remember Jon & i watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and jon turns to me and was like.. omg this is your life story. haha it was really sad & nothing to laugh about, but so true :(

annnywhooooooo. heres my face of the day. a neutral smokey look. my Nikon sucks massive balls, so the pictures arent great.

Chanel Vita Lift Lumiere in Beige
Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder in Naturel Translucent 1
Chanel Silky Bronzing Powder in 21 Toundra

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
Lash Blast Mascara
Ulta eyeliner in brown
eyeshadows from my 28 neutral palette.

soft lips in vanilla :)

&& i went to watch Terminator Salvation with Jon last night. i liked it, im not really into super action packed movies, but it was enjoyable. did anyone else watch it? if ya did.. did u like it?

have a great weekend bloggers!


Whit said...

love that dress! you have a rockin' body girlfriend!!

Rai said...

I have to resist all sales.
Even this current Victoria's Secret sale. =[ BOO HOO!

The dress is gorgeous and so is your look.

becky said...

the dress is sooo gorgeous. I understand why u had to get it lol. Your bf is very nice and generous as well :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I LOVE the dress!! Omg, your so lucky that your bf is so willing to spoil you!
You look so pretty <3

prettii-uglii said...

aw that dress is absolutely gorgeous! :)
n oh yeah i watched the terminator movie with my bf too and i liked it! i'm not really into action movies as well but for some reason i kinda liked it haha. maybe b/c john connor and this other guy who was half human & half robot (i forgot his name) were hot! xo

Sassy Jadore said...

I luv Bebe. I was planning to drop by sometime to see if there's anything I like. I have the discount thing. U look pretty and rocked that black dress. =)

Anonymous said...

hey girlie, the asking price for the camera and EXTRA lens (worth $200 alone!) is $650 for everything. The same deal is on ebay or for $699.95 ( and is backordered. Let me know, maybe we can work something out! :) By the way, your dress is so hot! The pearls are definitely classy, and your boyfriend is such a sweetie

kawaiikao said...

i love the little black dress! very sexy indeed :]

Beauty Savvy said...


I love that dress on you! So fierce!!

Krystia said...

Smokin hot dress Ketmany, that is off the wall! And I'm digging this neutral look also, you know that I'm jealous of your 28 neutral palette, right?! lol