Saturday, May 30, 2009


seriously though, i've been tryna upload my pictures for like 2 days & both my memory card and my laptop hate me, uhhhh i dont know how to reformat an F drive! lol gay, last night i about gave up and wasnt even going to post my entry to Rais contest, and this morning i woke up to see that she had extended the deadline to 7pm central time tonight, lucky me :) THANKS RAI!

soooo.. this is for Rai's contest. i've been looking everywhere online for a good photo to try and recreate & i decided to do to the lovely Mila Kunis. dude shes so F'en HOT. her role as Jackie on that 70s show really did her no justice, lol.

here are my inspiration photos:
heres my attempt at the look:

hahah dont laugh at me :(

what i used:

face: my routine as usual
Chanel Lift Lumiere in beige
Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder in Naturel Translucent 1
Chanel Silky Bronzing Powder in 21 Toundra

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
Lash Blast Mascara
Ulta eyeliner in brown
2 gold eyeshadows from my 28 neutral palette.
Maybellines Chai Latte quad

Soft Lips in vanilla
MAC lipstick in Blankety
MAC lipglass in Flourabundance

on another note, went out to celebrate our anniversary last night. 8 months and going strong, lol its a little high school-ish to celebrate monthly anniversaries, i know.. but we use it as an excuse every month to have a sexy date. lol although last night wasnt really a date, because my sister & little cousin wanted to tag along, haha we all had fun though. we had dinner at Orso. my favorite restuarant in Anchorage! beeeessstttt calamari EVER. i shouldve gotten some pictures of the food, but i was starving. haha i was quite the fatty last night i had a top sirloin and we got 2 desserts and they were DELICIOUS. the tiramisu & chocolate molten cake is amazing there.

jon & i didnt get any pictures together, but heres me, mysister & little cousin messing around while jon got the car.

me & my sisterme, my cousin & my sister

ohhhhh & we watched UP last night. seriously one of the cuuuuuuuutest movies i have ever seen. im already anticipating this coming out on DVD so i can buy it, and i nevvvvvver EVER buy DVDs, shows you how much i liked it. so if you havent seen it, go see it. i would pass on seeing it in 3D though. i seriously dont believe in paying that extra money, to wear those silly glasses to see a movie in 3D... i'd rather save that $3.25 surcharge fee.

this cartoon is PG13. it deals with a miscarriage and a death. i hate seeing movies that deal with miscarriages.. they seriously break my heart and bring back a lot of emotions and bad memories that im still trying to deal with. but there was a kid in the theatre who kept asking her mom, "mommy whats happening? what happened? why are they sad?" it was really cute.


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Wow you're so skinny! Do you work out? Or are you just naturally thin?

Rai said...

lol. You're welcome.
Thanks for entering! =D

Happy Anniversary!!
You live in Alaska?!
You looked pretty and you have such a nice smile.

And I had no clue that movie was rated PG13 and all that other stuff in there. Heard it was good though.

R.C. said...

love the look on you! Beautiful! Your skin looks amazing and so luminous! I gotta gets me some chanel!!! Is it good for medium to full coverage though?

Anonymous said...

omg i want to watch Up so bad hahah the little boy looks so cute. trying to convince the bf to watch it with me.

Chomsiri said...

cute look hun! damnnn youre so skinny! <3

becky said...

I think Mila is pretty hot too and so are you. The look you did was very pretty! I see your wearing that expensive but sexy dress lol.

Good luck!

Sassy Jadore said...

Mila is georgeous, but you look fabulous too. That's a very pretty look and you rocked that dress. =)

R.C. said...

amazing! Thanks so much for the tip! When I am out of foundation and have finished my 2 month hiatus I will definately give it a try! Looks amazing on you!!! I have the same problem with scars!

Krystia said...

So hot, I'm in love with your makeup stash!*_*! I've been dying for a 28 neutral and blush palette from Coastal Scents! Treat it well lol*_*