Wednesday, June 03, 2009


if you have to use a coupon or buy at another store to get a better deal, believe me its worth it! even if you are going to save 50 cents, thats more money left in your pocket and less money spent. im a firm believer in getting a good deal. i wait for sales to buy things, or i buy on ebay. i cut and slash my spending as much as i can. & just like anyone else i love free shit! who doesnt!? so apart of my 2 month challenge, i've promised to not buy anything, so i need to explore my other options: giveaways and contests!

thank goodness for blogger giveaways and contests. there are so many generous bloggers out there and i seriously enter every single one i can. cause if i cant buy anything, then imma try to win beauty products. i figured its a good way to save money and help me resist the temptation of buying. and everything has been going go so far, lets see how long i can keep this up.

- Naritas giving aways 3 prizes & theyre all MAC. how fabulous is that!?
- Mayaari is giving aways 2 great prize packages, so definitely enter this one!
- Chrystina is giving away NARS celebrating her 100 followers. fucken NARS! amazing :)

so yall know the drill: follow, enter & good luck loves.

i love to eat. whether its a full meal, a snack on the go, whatever and im super bad cause i always eat out. but everyone knows that food is pricey, your daily coffee or nights on the town can really add up and seriously hurt your bank account.

so a main part of my 2 month challenge is to eat out less, and if i do eat out then try not to spend too much on each meal. this week so far i've only bought lunch once cause i had lunch with Jon & it was less than $20 for both of us. for the rest of the week i plan not to eat out at all, i have a buncha snacks at work and i can always bring a lunch.

but what about those days where you just crave something? lately i've been wanting sweets, not like candy and chocolate, more like cakes and baked goods. i have a serious love for baked goods. but i dont have any stocked at the house and i dont want to go buy any. so what do i do?

lucky for me, this friday is NATIONAL DONUT DAY :)
im so serious too! haha and most donut places are celebrating the right way by giving away free donuts!

DUNKIN' DONUTS is joining in on the festivities by giving away a free donut with any beverage purchase on friday. i've personally have never had their donuts, but free is always good right? just sucky that you have to purchase a drink in order to get a free donut. i doo love donuts + hot chocolate! ahhh that'll make my morning so glorious.

KRISY KREME is also joining in on the fun by giving away 1 free donut per customer, no purchase necessary. & krispy kreme donuts are so DELICIOUS, but them being free will make that melt in your mouth deep fried deliciousness even better.

but if you cant wait until friday to get a sweet free treat, then you need to stop by SONICs tonight and get a free root beer float :) they're giving away a free 10 ounce root beer float from 8pm until closing at participating SONIC locations, so be sure to first call and make sure they're doing the giveaway.

the sucky part is Alaska doesnt have a Dunkin' Donuts, Krispy Kreme or Sonics. hahha its seriously tragic, but im sure i will survive. so if you have any of these placed near you definitely hit them up for some free shit :)


Anonymous said...

Great saving money tips. I love free stuff! lol

Rai said...

Coupons are my new love! They help out soooo much. And signing up for free samples = coupons! =D

I am like the sample queen. LMAO!

Don't feel bad. There's no Dunkin Donuts here or Krispy Kreme. =[
I want a free donut, too.

Sassy Jadore said...

Now I want some Dunkin donuts for dessert. Looks so yummy. =)

I tagged you for an award sweetie. =)

Mz Lily said...

Thanks for the info and how do you know about all these free stuff?

Ketmany said...

lol Lily i know about all this free stuff because i spend countless hours in my office reading news articles and blogs. im a great employee ;)