Saturday, June 13, 2009


i like seriously never win anything. i came second place in my elementary school spelling bee when i was in the 3rd grade and being 2nd place has haunted me ever since. im like flabbergasted i won! lol i told my boyfriend and he was like.. yay? i just totally cant believe it. yay for me :D this is definitely helping me since im on my little purchasing ban, ahhhhhh i still have like 46 days until it ends :(

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut good news! i've reached over 50 followers! woooooohoooooooo :D

so i have decided to add another prize to my current giveaway. so thats 3 prizes total. remember ladies the contest ends July 3!! i know thats like a lifetime away from right now, but get posting! i've gotten 4 blog entries so far and they were all so wonderful to read. i honestly didnt expect people to open up as much as they did. i love getting to know people and to really connect with them beyond a shared love of makeup. i totally love all you ladies who have entered (and who plan on entering!)

all 3 prizes will be equivalent in size, item numers and content. they wont be the same exact thing, but i will make then as similar as possible. i know i said i would post the prizes this weekend, but since i added 2 more prizes it'll have to wait until next weekend so i can get everything together. umm, there wont be anything uber delicious in the prizes like MAC or any other department store goodies cause im on a budget. haha please dont think im cheap!! i live in alaska so there arent a bunch of department stores around, i only have nordstroms (sad i know) but i will definitely make up for it with all the other goodies! i promise :)

all prizes will be shipped via USPS priority mail (flat rate boxes are the shiz!!). all winners must submit their mailing addresses to me with 5 days of the winners announcements. please submit your mailing addresss via e-mail. if i dont receive it with in 5 days i will forfeit your win and draw another name, sorry.

ohh and i plan on drawing winners by hand. im going to write everyones name and draw from a hat.. well not really a hat, is more like a container, but i thought that would be the fair way to play. i know a lot of people use, but that would require me to count and shit, so i'll pass. hahha im adding names to the container as entries come in, and i will have someone other than myself draw the names when it comes time to choose a winner. YAY

if this giveaway is successful then i will try and hold one regularly.


mszcheysser said...

CONGRATS ON WINNING! :] Luckkkkky you!

Oh yeah, I joined your giveaway. :)

Rai said...

Aww, you're sincerely excited I can tell!! CONGRATS AGAIN! =D

I'm glad you got more entries.
Can't wait until July! lol

Diana said...

congrats on winning! you won something so awesome!

Anonymous said...


Dana Yoshimizu said...

YAY!! COngrats on winning! ^__^

sokpoprocks said...

congrats on winning! gosh that was a long video!

KRYSTAL said...

yay! im glad my post is qualified.. LOL. =]

i think id be super happy as you are if i won hahah

and also, congrats on reaching 50 followers! =]

Sassy Jadore said...

CONGRATS on winning!!! Yay! =)
Wow~ That was a long video just for the winner (you). That's awesome with so many goodies. =)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

congrats on winning! =]

I didn't even know you had a giveaway contest. lol. I'll try to find the blog that talks about it. hehe.