Tuesday, June 09, 2009


hola lovers :)

i hope you are all as exciting for this as i am. like i said in my previous post i really want to show my gratitude to those of you who read my blog and leave me such wonderful comments every day. i know for a damn fact im really not that entertaining, but all of yall just humor me anyways. THANK YOU! i will post pictures of the prize at the end of the week. As of right now it will be 1 prize, if i get a large number of entries then i will add a second or third prize, but i wont get ahead of myself.

this giveaway will be named the " introduction giveaway"

here are the rules:

1. you MUST be a follower with a valid blog. i know i have some followers who dont have valid blogs but i really want to give back to my fellow bloggers.

2. on your blog you must post an introduction of yourself. heres what you will need to have in your post for it to be a valid entry:

  • your name or whatever you want me to call you. i dont like calling people by their blog titles, i'd prefer something more personable.
  • a picture. it doesnt necesarrily need to be a picture of you, it would be nice to put a face to a blog, but just a picture of what represents who you really are
  • tell me something about it and not some generic shit like.. my name is blah blah, i like makeup, k thanks. haha this giveaway is a chance for me and your readers to get to know you more. so give me something worth reading :)
  • this has to be a completely original post. if you already have an introduction on your blog, please post another one specifically for this giveaway with different information on it.
  • it doesnt need to be a specific length, but please provide me with enough information to get a feel of who you really are.
3. you must post & link my giveaway on your blog.

4. please notify me once your post is up. you can comment me, put it in my cbox, myspace me, e-mail me, whatever. as long as you let me know. i will verify every post and confirm with every entry that i received your entry. if you do not receive a confirmation from me then i probably didnt see your entry! so make sure you get a confirmation!!

5. this is valid for everyone! international readers too, i want anyone and everyone to enter.

this giveaway will end July 3, 2009. so that gives you a little less than 1 month. the time your entry is submitted doesnt matter. I will check my blog on the morning of july 4, 2009 and if your entry isnt submit then sucks for you!

as an extra thank you to my current followers with valid blogs (as of right now before i post this) you are automatically entered in my giveaway for 1 entry. if you choose to participate and do an introduction giveaway post on your blog i will count that as your second entry. so you will have 2x the chances of winning. **this only applies to those who are already following my blog. sorry!


Female_intuition said...

Wow... you know this is kind of freaky because I was actually going to do a post introducing myself since I realized I don't even have my real name on my blog! I love this idea because sometimes I'm reading someone's blog and I have no idea where and who they are. I NEVER enter give aways because I'm too lazy but I actually might do this. Thanks!

J-cakes said...

whoa double the chances!?! i never had an introductory post for my blog, so i guess its perfect timing for an intro!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I like your rules :)

& I suppose we think alike as I was thinking that when I finally have my contest or giveaway I wanted to do something to get to know people on a more personal level.

Rai said...

Oooh yay! I'll do the introduction post today.

I with you on that. I like knowing people's name, I feel odd calling them by their blog name. lol

You should do your version of the Introduction, too!! :]

YingX said...

yes a giveaway. i will be doing this as song as i find some time. thanks for the long deadline.

Adrienne - said...

this sounds like so much fun.

Fifi said...

Hi Ketmany! I've posted my entry here:


Rita *Lala* said...

i'm a new follower. i can't remember where i found your blog. I love the idea of an introdution post. I will do it soon and i hope to enter your giveaway too

Sonya said...

Hey Ketmany! I'll enter your giveaway. :)

Female_intuition said...

Hey ketmany, i've posted my entry here:


thanks for everything!

tina said...

hey girl...I just want to let you know that I have entered your contest...you can check my blog out now...let me know when you have check it out...

InnovativeEssence said...

Hey Ketmany!

Thanks for throwing such a great giveaway! I love it! It was so much fun! What a great way to get to know eachother. Wish I would've thought of that! Anyways, here's my entry enjoy!



gracie said...

Hi there! I joined your give away!


hope you post you introduction of yourself too... lets be friends!!

Jenn said...

this is such an interesting contest! i really want to enter, i think i will if i have enough time before the deadline :)

Krystia said...

Hey, I'm entering your giveaway. I'm a new follower, but I posted this to my blog, put up a pic, and wrote something about myself. Here's my link http://ksdkemp-houseofkrystia.blogspot.com/2009/06/ketmany-of-anything-everythings.html.

Good luck with everything!*_*!

CherieKoala said...

Hi Ketmany, I did a post for your giveaway. Here is my entry's link:


Mz Lily said...

Hi Ketmany...just entered your contest. Check it out at: http://ccc-moments.blogspot.com/