Saturday, June 27, 2009


im going on vacation in august for my birthday, YAY :)

we're planning on hitting So Cal for 2-3 days but i need some good hotel recommendations!

we want to go to disneyland, because i've never been there. has anyone stayed in a good hotel near disneyland!?

i also need a hotel in san diego.


thank you!


Edna said...

OMG! Disneyland! I think I'm going down to So Cal in late July :( That means I'll miss you!!!

When we go to Disneyland, we usually stay at Embassy Suites. I believe there's some good deal there, since we always go there. There's on ES that's close to the park, so you can just ride a shuttle back and forth form the hotel during the day, which is REALLY convenient!!

As for San Diego, I'm not sure. It depends on which part you plan to stay by. I haven't been to SD in years! Good luck on your search!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I wish I could help, but I have no clue at all =/

mszcheysser said...

I wish I could help you with your problem, but sadly.. I never been to the states. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

My family and I always stay here:

La Quinta Inn & Suites
Anaheim Disneyland
1752 Clementine Street
Anaheim, CA 92802
Phone: 1-714-635-5000

VERY affordable and super close to the park... check it out.

sokpoprocks said...

i've never been there, but i hope you have a great trip!

Pop Champagne said...

omg Disneyland, AWESOME!! I hear the disney resort is good, haha maybe you can go super early cuz everyday those disney staff walks around giving people freebies (like a pin, passes to skip lines etc) and the grand price is to stay at the cinderilla room on top of that disneyland castle!!

In other words I got no idea where is good to stay hehe, but maybe you'll win that prize when you go ;)

KRYSTAL said...

wish I can help, girl... But I'm new around here in the Cali area too... But definately check out fashion district in downtown la! Hella cheap stuff!

Diana said...

i just arrived from vacation in vegas so i hope i'm not too late for this post. i have a disneyland pass and i can give you some advice! email me!