Friday, June 26, 2009


hola lovelies.

i was trying to get this posted yesterday, but i didnt have enough time. i went out to the movies last night with my boyfriend & my bff and her hubby. we saw TRANSFORMERS and it was the shhhhiiiitttt! seriously love that movie.

heres my FOTDnothing special. lol face routined as usual. the eye shadows are from my 120 pro palette. i was trying to go for a smokey purple look, and i didnt really succeed. lol i will have to try it again next time. i know my eyebrows look like a hot mess, i really need to go get them done again.

i won E's giveaway last week and i got this package at the beginning of the week, on tuesday i believe, and i've been lagging on posting the pictures. im such an asshole, i didnt even let E know i got it. im sorry E, dont hate me. i suuuuuuper loved the package, thank you so much!

eeeeeeeeeeeee! i was so excited.
looooooove note :) and she had these cute lil cards for her blog.

the goodies: tazo tea, sweetened ice green tea, hello kitty candies, vita b mask sheet, lotion, benefit eyeshadow, china glaze nail polish, and a black fish (sibling of her infamous pink fish).

thank you so much E! everything was so wonderful. im on a caffine ban right now (the bf is ruining my life i swear!) so i cant drink the tea yet, but i will get to it in a couple of months lol. the candies were delicious! and i cant wait to try out the eyeshadow, nail polish and mask. im soooo excited for the mask lol


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Your eyelashes are so long, I'm jealous !!

sokpoprocks said...

woo hoo1 I LOVE GETTING PACKAGES.actually, i get excited whenever i get mail ,LOL

and i love your eyes! purple is my favorite color.are those your real eyelashes? they are LONG! mine are so short, it looks like i dont have any =(

xoladiihoneyxo said...

cute packaging =] too bad she ate all the jello cups. haha.

seems like more and more girls are joining the blog giveaway of yours!

Edna said...

PHEW! I was wondering if you received the package yet. I didn't want to bug you and annoy you about it, but I'm glad it came on time! Hope you like the goods :)

KRYSTAL said...

congrats on winning edna's giveaway =] love the smokey purple fotd!

Sassy Jadore said...

Congrats on the giveaway. =) Pretty shimmery purple eyeshadow.
I have yet to watch the transformers. Glad u liked it. =)

Anonymous said...

pretty look !!your lashes are the bomb and wow for your goodies, aah E is such a sweetheart!

Krystia said...

Cute look, your eyelashes are super lengthy, and that lip colour is sexy!*_*!