Thursday, June 11, 2009


so heres a list of the names of my followers (prior to the giveaway announcement) that i have entered into my giveaway:

- Robyn
- Lily
- Victoria
- Siamese
- Michelle Ngo
- Pangie
- Sarah (Australia)
- Louise
- Jessica
- Tina
- Chomsiri
- Lily
- Alesha
- Rai
- Ying
- Holly
- Steff
- Richelle
- Dana
- Sassy Jadore
- Asia
- SheMoves
- Becky
- Jenn
- Sonya
-Kiki - Kiki

Entries from my new followers :)
- Krystal
- Elisa Marie
- E
- FiFi
- Linda
- Msz Chessyer
- Tiffany
- Dora
- Gracie

im working on the prizes. i've decided to do 2 prizes and will do more depending on how many entries i get. so get posting ladies!

if i've bolded your name then that means i have confirmed your blog entry & you are good to go!


Anonymous said...

haha the site for jcakes is wrong. but its okay i know im in it

R.C. said...

oooohhh... please bold me!!! YAY!!! I'm am super excited to know who wins!

R.C. said...

oh... wait... I have to do my introduction first... lol... I will let you know when it is up!

KRYSTAL said...
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AbcGrrrL said...

I wanna enter too! I'm following your blogggg now and I'll update my post tomorrow!! :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I see my name! haha. I don't know... I think that's exciting.

sokpoprocks said...

wowsers, thats alot of entries, good luck ladies!!!!

Krystia said...

Woo Woo, so ecstatic,can't wait for the announcement and hope to God that I win it and tear this thing up Ketmany!*_*! lol, and good luck babes!