Friday, June 26, 2009


im sorry i havent been posting anything interesting lately. i've been really busy with work and i havent been in my regular office, everything work related is just all over the place. ugh gayness

i've also been super tired lately. like i have really serious PMDD and i take YAZ birthcontrol to help control it, but this month has been really bad. im normally tired and fatigued but lately its been the worse. i get home from work and i take a "nap" but end up sleeping throughout the night and waking up the next morning. im usually really irratiable and a huge bitch, but this month i've turned completely psyco. it ridiculous, i feel so bad for my boyfriend. hes such a victim of my love lol.

but i thought this would be fun. here are my top 10 things i cannot live without. in terms of beauty & fashion.


i have a serious addiction to their products. i think i can live without every other beauty product but not my chanel foundation :) its sooo yummy. i think if i had to i would sell blood to be able to afford this habit. haaha i sound like a crack head.

i have lots of heels and 90% of the are black. im boring i know, but they're so sexy and they can go with any outfit, seriously. here are my favorite pairs:


Michael Kors

im like 5'2" and 97 pounds but i love extremely large oversized bags. im notorious for having a big bag. im not one of those people who have huge bags and not fill them either. my bags are always full of random shit, people like to stick their keys and cellphones in my bags, hella weighing me down. gosh.


lip gloss and lipsticks are pretty, but theyre practically useless without a good chapstick. i have an undying love for Soft Lips brand chapsticks. i literally own like 8 at any given time. i have atleast 2 in my purse, 1 in my makeup station, one in my car, and 1 in the BFs pockets at all times. lol i own like every flavor they've ever made.

i have really dry skin so i definitely cannot live without a good moisturizer. i love moisturizers that have SPF in them. my faves include:

Cliniques Dramatically Different Gel

Chanel Rectifiance Intense Retexturizing Line Correcting Cream + SPF 15

Kiehl's 'Bright' Brightening Botanical Moisture Fluid.

i've said it many times, i am a denim whore. i especially love skinny jeans. i swear this style was so made for me. since the whole skinny jean trend started i dont think i've purchased jeans that arent skinnys. i will live & die in skinny jeans

me & my sister on her prom day. isnt she adorable

my collection isnt massive, but its pretty decent. i dont buy colors that i will never wear. a lot of my colors are dark reds, purples and blacks. im obsessed with dark nail polish. & the other halfs are traditional shades of pinks. i hauled a massive amount of OPI a few months ago... my checkings account really hated me afterwards. lol i will get a picture of my collection up for you guys to see later tonight.


like seriously, what girl doesnt have a sexy black dress? i think its like a total NEED item in anyones closet. i dont know what it is about black dresses and black shoes that i find so desirable, im just drawn to them. whenever i slip on one of my black dresses i swear im the shit. haha i walk with my head held high like im the baddest bitch around. it totally brings out the vixen in me.

9. UGGS<3

no one loves their uggs like i love mine. i seriously wear them to death. theyre so comfortable and cute. im a total hypocrite though, cause i remember when uggs first came out.. i was like.. "WTF OHHHH HEL NO" i seriously thought all the white girls in my school lost their fucking minds! haha but the trend totally grew on me. i wear my uggs more than any other shoes combined. & living in alaska you can totally understand why. my feet get sooo cold and my uggs keep them totally warm

i seriously love my bangs. i love bangs in general. i have never seen someone who didnt look good with them. imma keep this look long after the fad dies out.

so tell me ladies:
  • what are your top 10 must haves?
  • if there was 1 beauty item you would recommend to someone, what would it be?
  • what is your #1 wishlist item?.. like something you desperately want, but cant convince yourself its worth the buy, but you would totally take it if someone gave it to you. lol
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so enter & good luck loves


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Hmm, I don't even know what I'd put as my Top 10... Heels, my purses, & skinny jeans for sure, but I don't know what else. Oh, I know another thing - DSK Jewelry. I love it so much, Steph's jewelry is like a new must have for me :) I hope you ahve a good weekend hun! <3

sokpoprocks said...

those black heels are GORGEOUS!!! and i just recently discovered skinny jeans, i thought that since im a big girl, they wouldn't look right, but omg I LOVE THE WAY I LOOK IN SKINNY JEANS, AND my booty looks awesome too, LOL

leslielovesmakeup said...

haha girl i dont think side swept bangs will ever go outta style! i will look like i have a huge forehead without them!

Edna said...

Everygirl loves a lil Chanel. The only Chanel product I own = No5 perfume. You have an extensive collection there!

You're so right about having a big purse. I always get stuff stuffed into my purse. NOT COOL :(

And you're so right about nail polish. I cannot leave the house with naked nails. It feels way too weird! I wanna see your OPI collection. OOOO I LOVEEEEE OPI!!

I felt the same way about UGGS when they first came out. But every Fall/Winter they come back in style. Last Fall, I bought my first 2 pairs of uggs. Grey and Brown ones in Tall... LOVE them! They're perfect for skinny jeans and leggings. :) I want more this year!!!!

OOO, top 10 must haves, is hard!
iPhone (can't live without it), car+car keys (gotta get from point A to B!), credit card(s), camera, snacks (on the go!), hmm I'd have to get back to you on the other 5!

One beauty item = a good eyeliner. I love blacktrack fluidline! <3

And my #1 Wishlist item = a new designer purse <3 but makeup-wise, I'm not sure, I'm pretty content with what I have. I'm not a hard girl to please :)

KRYSTAL said...

wow! look at all that chanel! lucky luckyy! i love your list ketmany. theyre similar to my list! i love black heels, huge purses, chapsticks, my clinique dramatically diff. moisturizer, the sexy "little black dress" i definately agree that every girl should have that in their closet!, skinny jeans!, and uggs.. =]

prettii-uglii said...

I know someone who doesn't look good with bangs, me. :P lol I tried a couple years ago but it just didn't work for me... prolly coz i have a round face :( god knows i would have gotten myself an asian haircut a long time ago if only I can pull it off :'(