Sunday, June 28, 2009


so like i said before i am going to So Cal for a few days in august and i need your help again.
lol i know im so needy, im sorry.

but i want to hit up and do some cool stuff so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! im going to be in the anaheim-LA area & the san diego area August 3-5. i really want to know good places to shop. omg and i want to go to some asian beauty stores, so if you know any defintely let me know!

i will also be in the Nor Cal area (Sacramento & the Bay to be exact) for the rest of the time i am in California. so any suggestiong on places to shop and things to do is gladly welcomed.

also.. i know im a total stranger and i could potentially be a serial killer... but does anyone wanna meet up for lunch, dinner or a shopping date? lol i know i really put your hearts at ease when i mentioned that i may be a potential serial killer, but you know that crosses everyones minds when you meet someone online. you dont wanna end up as "that girl" on the news. lol

so heres my schedule if anyone would even consider meeting me and my potential serial killer self:

july 31 - i arrive in SF heading to sacramento probably gonna spend the day with the bf's family

august 1- should be in the bay area. santa cruz & gilroy area shopping and beach laziness with my bf.

august 2- bay area round 2. shopping in vacaville, shopping in the City (san fransisco if ya didnt know lol)

august 3- anaheim-LA, disneyland. soooo exciting.

august 4 - san diego! i love this city

august 5 - sacramento area. no plans

august 6- its my mother f'en 21st birthday bitches. celebrating in sacramento. come join if u'd like :)

august 7- sacramento area, no plans

august 8 - bay area (oakland, the City) with my brothers. yay for family day!

august 9- in the City & then i fly back to alaska. poooooey!

dude if you guys have any suggestions just throw them out there. i will drive anywhere to get some good deals or just to check out something cool. i wanna jam pack my vacation with fun. so im down for whatever.

oh & lovers, the giveaway ends tomorrow. i will close the contest tomorrow after work. imma get home, and validate everyones enteries and draw the names. i may even make a video.. haha but we'll see how all that goes. so tomorrow at 7pm alaska time (thats 8PM pacific time & 11PM eastern time).

i finally got my boxes from USPS and i will mail out the the packages as soon as i get the winners confirmed addresses. im hoping everything is mailed out by this saturday. remember theres 3 prizes, so 3 winners. if a winner doesnt email me with their address then i will give your prize to someone else. YAY for my first giveaway.


Jennnyy. said...

you should check out ontario mills, cabazon outlets, camarillo outlets, palm springs outlets. :) hahah all them outlets! and asian beauty stores, come to MY neighborhood :p the san gabriel valley neighborhood. TONS of asian beauty stores :)

Edna said...


I'll be around around that time (unless I make any last minute trips to travel some more)!

SF, there's downtown SF at the Westfield Mall. It's hugmongous!! (They finished building it a couple years ago and I never found the time to explore the whole mall), there's Japantown, Pier 39 (touristy stuff), and if you want the BEST Tapioca/bubble tea- goto Wonderful Food's CO on Irving Street B/t 21st and 22nd AVENUE (not street). I go there everytime I go home! I have more suggestions for SF, just lemme know via email!

As for Sacramento, it's chilled and boring up here. I seriously wanna strangle myself cuz it's so dead here. Theres a couple of good frozen yogurt places, but I haven't really explored this city yet (and I've lived here for 3 years!!). There's Roseville Galeria that I LOVEEEEEEE to goto. (almost equivalent to SF's Westfield mall) We can def hangout on the days you dont have plans in Sacramento. We can explore this boring city together :)

Sassy Jadore said...

hi sweetie~
That's awesome that you're going to visit NorCal and SoCal. hehe. I'm from NorCal- SF btw. Let me know when you're here. E-mail me so we can do a bloggers meet and go shopping together. =)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, I would've pretty much said about the same thing as Jenny. We live in the same area!
But omg, you sure have a PACKED schedule!

& about that "old school" email. The email address is really my AIM sn. I pretty much wanted to use an email address that I never used, specifically for my giveaway. But I just wanted to let you that you forgot to give me your address with your question responses.

Aralka said...

Have a nice trip. I'm from Poland so I think I'm not useful. Sorry ^^'

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Hope you have tons of fun, I've never been in So Cal before but it's seems such a neat place to be!

Best wishes

Pop Champagne said...

Wowww sound like such a fun trip!!! Take tons of pics, shop a bunch and have a safe trip <3

cleung341 said...

I agree with Edna, wonderful foods has good boba and Westfield is fun, especially the food court, try the bearded papas cream puffs! Vacaville just opened their Gucci outlet!
When you head down to Socal, there are a ton of Asian stores with Japanese beauty products in San Gabriel(Focus strip mall) and Rowland Heights, but then again so does Japantown in SF.