Thursday, June 11, 2009


extremely picture heavy!

so this is my version of an entry for my giveaway. i swear this is like the easiest giveaway ever, i mean.. you're just writing about yourself! who cant do that!? so i definitely think everyone should enter, if you dont.. i might have to slap you. haha im so not joking either. well on with my introduction!!

my real name is Ketmany. pronounced ket-mon-nee, and yes this is my actual name. its on my id and everything, haha. when i met my boyfriend and i told him what my name was he thought i was lying. he seriously thought i made it up, i should've slapped him, lol :) my close friends and family usually call me Nee. the only people who call me by my first name are people i meet at school or work.

outside of make-up and beauty related things i really dont do much with my life. its sad i know. i shop & thats about it. its ALL BAD! haha i like clothes and shoes and purses. i love designer names, im a brat like that. but i do LOVE to cook. i love to have bbqs, dinner parties, birthday parties, any reason for me to cook for in large quantites im all for it. im really passionate about my cooking and im damned good in the kitchen! but since i've moved back in with my parents i really dont cook as much, i've gotten so lazy. lol

i was born in thailand (im laotian btw) my family immigrated to America from Laos in the late 1980's. my biological father passed away when i was a baby, but my step dad is the best dad a girl could ever ask for :) i have 2 brothers and a younger sister. i work full-time as an invenotry manager for a small wireless company and im a student pursuing a bachelors in biological science. im not a party girl, well i know how to party with the best of 'em, but i really prefer to stay home and watch tv or kick it with my friends. i grew up between california and alaska, so im a strange combination of a valley girl & a small town girl. im a yes maam, thank you sir kinda person. i live a good life and i definitely dont take it for granted. i swear i have the best friends and family ever, and i know everyone says that. but i've been to hell and back and these are the people who have stood beside me through out it all. loooooooooooooooooooooove them :)

here are 5 random facts about me:

  1. i live in alaska. yes, i really do. honestly no one would lie about living in alaska, haha. i actually happen to love it here. i've lived here since 1997 and i moved to california for 2 years for college and i always miss it whenever im away. its really a love hate relationship, the cold really gets on my nerves in the winter time. im working on a post about my love for alaska right now, lol
  2. i cant swim. i sink like a rock whenever i get into deep water. i took a swimming class in high school and i failed miserably. haha its really sad, yes i know. but i honestly dont think i need to know how to swim, i've given up on it. im living my life perfectly fine without that skill.
  3. in october i was pre-diagonosed with cervical cancer and i was scared shitless. my life seriously flashed before my eyes and things were really fucked up for me for a few months, but in the end everything worked out. as of march theres so cancer cells in sight! but i do have to get an exam every 6 months to make sure it doesnt ever come back.
  4. im super hairy. haha thats not something i should share with people over my blog, but its not that big of a deal to me anymore. i have a super lot of arm hair, leg hair.. whatever. i used to be so self-concious about it when i was younger, but now i could care less. i've embraced it and i love it. my hair keeps me warm, LMFAO.
  5. i really dont believe i have a sense of style. haha im really all over the place. i loooove to dress super preppy. in high school i lived in abercrombie and fitch. now im really just trying to find my style, so my clothes are very random.
i have 3 dogs. 2 live with me and 1 lives with my ex-boyfriend. im a huge animal lover. i call animal control any time i see a stray dog and i have been known to get out of my car and try to save animals.. it never really works out, but atleast i try. here are pictures of my babies, cause i like to whore my children out. please enjoy :D
my two babies, Mocha & Leche.

my baby Komi :) i miss him so much!

heres some important information for you to know. i am really sweet and very loveable :) but im a fucking bitch 9 times outta 10. haha i am what i am, its really a love it or leave it situation. i can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, its really all up to you. i swear like a sailor, if you havent noticed from my post. i definitely dont talk like a lady. i have a seriously cruel sense of humor. i talk a lot of shit cause i grew up around a buncha guys, so im very guy-like. hmm i really dont know what else to say, if you think of anything just ask! i shall now flood you with billions of pictures from my life. enjoy the picture whorage!

im completely obsessed with Chanel. its like crack, and im addicted.

meet my big brothers. they're all a buncha drunks, theyre super rowdy and annoying & i loooooooooooove them to death! i lived with them 24/7 for 2 years and i miss them soooo much
(obviously they arent my biological brothers lol)

these ones are my biological siblings though. i know, we all look nothing alike.

my bff in sacramento, she seriously is my soul mate :)

my bffs since high school. dont know what i would do without them

the love of my life :)

well i hope yall feel like you know me a little bit better. so get posting!

ya know the drill: follow, enter, & good luck!


Rai said...

I already started typing mine last night. =D

And that's so scary about the cancer. Glad it's all gone.
LMAO @ #4.

I love your smile, so cute!
This was a great post.
I love reading about people.

prettii-uglii said...

omg this giveaway is such a great idea! the things that i learned about u are really interesting! especially your name and wow you're laotian eh? i thought u were filipino or somethin coz i don't really meet a lot of laotian so i don't exactly know how they look like :S
glad you got through #3 for a second there i thought u were still battling it :/
lmao @ #4 you're so funny! and that picture of you & your bf is soo hot! i love your shoes!
anyways thanks for this giveaway! i'm working on mine right now so definitely count me in! xo

Fifi said...

Woah that was a great post. I love reading about people living in other parts of the world. It's just amazing, makes me want to travel and see the world for myself.

I'm glad you got through #3. =)

YingX said...

1. i was born in Thailand too!
2. i also can't swim. the first time i used a life jacket basically drowned. haha but now the life jacket is my hero.

InnovativeEssence said...

Wow Ketmany... I think this is the BEST giveaway/contest ever... I love the whole "introduction" thing.. that way we get to know each other on a deeper level... I'm so gonna enter....

DSK said...

damn girl u got a lot of CHANEL!! I love it!! :D

Krystia said...

Wow, very sweet ass pictures of you and your friends and family together, and that large mirror and french doors for a background aren't half bad! And not to be blunt, but cute bf as well, if you know what I mean, no offense at all.
And your own personal life story
was very endearing. Because oftentimes we look at people from the outside and just assume that everything is so easy for them in life all the time, that we rarely step back to actually engage with each other to find out what's really going on. I mean you may appear as if you have not a care in the world, but if you never "Introduced" yourself to us; your fellow bloggers, then we would not have found out about your battle with cancer.
So thank you for that, and stay positive in life, cause we all experience struggle @ some point, in some way, however it may be; financially, socially, emotionally, physically, health-wise. Truly inspirational!*_*!
P.S. sorry for runnin' on, i'm long-winded!